3D printing

Boeing turns to Israeli start-up for platform to 3D print aircraft and space station parts

Assembrix will lend its 3D printing virtualization platform to the aerospace giant.

World’s thinnest 3D printed cornea implanted in Jerusalem

This is the breakthrough that Ophthalmologists at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center have achieved using the thinnest 3D cornea.

Modern technology recreates face of Stone Age woman

Using modern 3D technology, a Swedish archaeologist and artist have brought back to life the face of a 4,000-year-old Stone Age woman.

Technology helps offer 3D-printed homes as an option for ownership

Several 3D-printed homes are being built in the US as communities cope with housing shortages and experiment with options.


Stratasys, 3D printing a better tomorrow

Stratasys is a global leader in 3D printing, with the largest polymer additive manufacturing offering, network of partners, and customer installed base in the world – for over 30 years.

SavorEat plant-based hamburger

Israel's SavorEat launches personalised plant-based 3D printed burgers

Typically, vegan burgers from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are frozen and later cooked on a grill. SavorEat's technology, however, are made on site by a self-contained 3D printer.

  A researcher works on the development of an ear implant.

Israeli researchers print an ear implant - and it works

Researchers combined techniques of organ printing, tissue engineering and extracted human cells to create a custom implant to replace ears that didn’t develop properly in utero. This is how it works.

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A MAN watches a 3D Printer in action while attending a conference.

3D printing enables efficient fabrication of nano-sensors - researchers

Extremely small complex sensors called nano-electromechanical devices (NEMS) can be manufactured using 3D printers at a faster pace and lower cost than traditional fabrication methods.

Israel 'prints' world's first 3D living malignant brain tumor

A tumor model was printed in a bioreactor designed in a lab using a hydrogel sampled and reproduced from the extracellular matrix taken from the patient.

MeaTech's laboratory of the future

Kosher lab-grown pork from Israel's growing cultured meat sector

Israeli company MeaTech 3D looks to lead the world in slaughter-free, sustainable meat production.

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