Wine cellar (photo credit: EYAL GUTMAN)
Wine cellar (photo credit: EYAL GUTMAN)


New headquarters of Grape Man launches in the Noga area of Jaffa

The new headquarters of Grape Man (Ish Ha'anavim) was launched in 2021 in the Noga area of Jaffa. It offers an international hospitality experience, with wine-related tutorials in numerous languages for diverse audiences.

Diplomats and ambassadors host wine evenings featuring wines from leading countries in the field, alongside lavish dinners for organizations and companies, special launches, tutorials and introductory workshops for students and young people. At the long tables, the guests expand their horizons, sip a glass of fine wine and enjoy a magical atmosphere that only a combination of wine and good company can produce.

Grape Man (Credit: Eyal Gutman)Grape Man (Credit: Eyal Gutman)

Haim Gan, the head of Grape Man, wants to make wine culture in Israel accessible, popular and available to the general public and is helping to set quality standards in the field. He does this through a variety of activities, including wine festivals for the general public, exclusive tasting evenings, management of wine collections, a leading training center, an eclectic wine shop with wines which he carefully selects each season, accompanying wineries and managing various logistics and marketing projects.
The company also provides professional advice on valuations and wine appraisals, building wine cellars and wine menus, and providing professional advice for collectors.

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