Spencer Tunick's Dead Sea photoshoot (photo credit: SPENCER TUNICK)
Spencer Tunick's Dead Sea photoshoot (photo credit: SPENCER TUNICK)


What inspired Spencer Tunick's nude Dead Sea photoshoot?

Last Sunday, near Arad, 200 women and men took off their clothes and posed in the nude on behalf of another creation by photographer Spencer Tunick.

The subjects who responded to the artist’s invitation arrived in Arad at noon, removed their clothes on the hills overlooking the desert landscape and posed for a photo. 

Spencer Tunick at his Dead Sea photoshoot (Credit: Courtesy)Spencer Tunick at his Dead Sea photoshoot (Credit: Courtesy)

The event lasted three hours, with the artist issuing instructions regarding the location of the participants and the camera and adjusting the equipment according to the light.

This photography project is intended to encourage the establishment of the Dead Sea Museum in the city of Arad. The installation was inspired by the crystals formed in the Dead Sea and by the biblical story of Lot’s wife, who turned into a pillar of salt.

A special collaboration between the Tourism Ministry, the Arad Municipality and the “Dead Sea Revival Project,” headed by Ari Leon Fruchter, brought Tunick back to Israel, having already carried out two previous projects at the Dead Sea, which were a worldwide success and helped promote tourism to Israel.

Other famous works by Tunick have been photographed in New York, London, Vienna, Barcelona, Sydney and more. This past week, the city of Arad joined this distinguished list.

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