13-year-old boy sent to carry out a hit, stashes bomb in Bat Yam park

Police said the boy's brother, serving a life sentence for murder, sent him to place the shrapnel-packed bomb at a kiosk owned by a rival.

Bomb found in Bat Yam. (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
Bomb found in Bat Yam.
A teenage boy stashed a bomb packed with ball bearings in a busy public park in Bat Yam last month, after his brother sent him to kill a man he was feuding with, it was cleared for publication on Wednesday.
The bomb was stashed next to a tree at the Gan Ha’ir park, where two young boys discovered it on May 2 and informed the police. Sappers disabled the bomb.
Tel Aviv police said on Wednesday that after cops disabled the bomb, detectives received information that a 13-year-old boy had placed it at the park, and that same day they brought him in for questioning.
After giving conflicting versions of events the boy eventually told officers that he got it from a man living in Ramat Gan.
The boy told police that his brother, a convict serving a life sentence for murder, told him to pick up the bomb and place it at a kiosk in Bat Yam belonging to a family he had been feuding with. The boy said that on the way to the kiosk he happened to run into the owner’s wife and had a change of heart. He decided instead to leave it in a tree in the park, police said.
On May 21, police raided a Ramat Gan apartment and found that Shay Shmialov and his wife had turned the residence into a “bomb making lab” that endangered residents of the building.
Police said Shmialov would be indicted on Thursday for a series of crimes including making the bomb and providing it to the boy. The boy is also to be indicted on Thursday.