DNA: Ashdod woman is not missing Brandt girl

Girl last seen in Ramat Gan park in 1994 and today would be aged 29; woman tested was spotted by missing girl's mother at recent party.

Ramat Gan park  (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Ramat Gan park
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A DNA test performed Tuesday evening has proven conclusively that an Ashdod woman is not missing girl Alexandra Brandt, Tel Aviv police announced on Wednesday morning.
According to police, officers took DNA samples from the Ashdod woman’s parents last night and the results showed a match between them and their daughter.
The results shatter the hope of the family of Alexandra Brandt, who was last seen at King David Park in Ramat Gan on November 24, 1994. She had immigrated to Israel only two years before from the Ukraine with her parents, who divorced shortly after she vanished.
Today she would be 29 years old.
On Tuesday, police said DNA tests performed by police last week “were not able to establish with certainty that she is the family’s daughter.”
The DNA sample was taken from a young Ashdod woman at her apartment last week, after the mother of Brandt told police that she found a woman at a wedding in the city who she was certain was her missing daughter.
According to police, the mother told officers she was at a wedding in Ramat Gan last week when she saw the woman, and after approaching her and telling her she thinks she is her missing daughter Alexandra, the woman left the reception. The woman and Alexandra’s sister then found the woman’s apartment in Ashdod, and called police, who then took testimony from both sides as well as DNA samples from both women to see if there is a match.
Police have vowed that the YAMAR investigative unit will continue to work to crack the mystery.