Father of Oshrenko family murderer gets two years

Oleg Karlik disposed of murder weapon, bloody towel and cell phones.

Dimitry Kirilik 311 (photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
Dimitry Kirilik 311
(photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
The Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court sentenced Oleg Karlik, the father of the man convicted of murdering six members of the Oshrenko family, to two years in prison on Tuesday, following his conviction under a plea bargain of destroying evidence.
The court also sentenced Karlik to a nine-month suspended sentence.
Last month, the Central District Court sentenced Karlik’s son, Damian, to six lifeterms plus an additional 10 years for the October 2009 murders of Ludmilla and Edward Oshrenko, both 56, their son, Dmitry, 32, and his wife, Tatiana, 28, and their children Revital, three, and Nataniel, three months old.
Oleg is the third member of the Karlik family to be sentenced in relation to the murders.
Damian’s wife, Natalia, was sentenced to 13-years imprisonment last November after being convicted in a plea bargain of manslaughter, conspiracy to commit a crime and destroying evidence.
According to the indictment, on the morning after the murders, Karlik helped Natalia dispose of a backpack, a bloodstained towel and keys in various locations around Rishon Lezion.
On the same morning, the two tried to throw the knife Damian used to murder the Oshrenkos into a garbage can in a private home, but the householder saw them and sent them away. They then smashed the two cellphones Damian and Natalia had used to call each other on the night of the murders. Several other attempts to dispose of the murder weapon also failed, but they eventually threw it into a chemical toilet on a construction site.
Judge Avraham Heiman said that even though Karlik may not have been aware his son had been involved with the Oshrenko murders at the time he got rid of those items, he was aware he was destroying evidence relating to a crime that resulted in serious injury to another person.
However, the judge said that in sentencing Karlik, the court had taken into consideration the fact that he had confessed to the charges against him, and that he suffers from several medical conditions including depression and anxiety.
Heiman said he also took into account the fact that Karlik’s granddaughter had been left in the care of her grandparents after her parents, Damian and Natalia, had been sent to prison.
“Her grandfather now faces a prison sentence, and she is left with no emotional support,” the judge said.
The court granted Karlik a temporary stay of his sentence, ruling it will commence February 16.