Palmahim desalination plant output up by 15%

Water production will be temporarily increased by about 10-20 million cubic meters per year collectively through the end of 2013.

Water  (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The desalination plants in Palmahim and Hadera will temporarily increase their water production by about 10- 20 million cubic meters per year collectively through the end of 2013, the Finance Ministry announced on Wednesday.
An inter-ministerial committee that deals with seawater desalination tenders addressed the two plants about increasing production by 15 percent, making use of additional hours in which the facilities are not typically operating due to higher electricity prices, the ministry said.
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Both plants accepted the committee’s offer.
The enhanced production already began at Palmahim as of Wednesday’s announcement, but increased operations at Hadera will not begin until January 1 due to technical complications, according to the ministry.
The water price was determined according to electricity prices over the course of the year for both the existing water production and the new addition, and the Finance Ministry estimated that costs would amount to between NIS 1.34- 3.15 per cubic meter.
The inter-ministerial committee predicted that the agreement will contribute significantly to alleviating the country’s current water distress, the Finance Ministry said.