Two men killed in Taibe drive-by shooting

A third man is critically injured, while a fourth escaped the vehicle on foot; victims are involved in a protracted feud with another Arab family.

Two men were killed and third critically injured in a lethal drive-by shooting attack carried out with an automatic weapon in Taibe, east of Netanya on Wednesday night.
The shooting victims were sitting in their vehicle when a second car drove past and bullets sprayed the car, police said.
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A fourth occupant of the vehicle escaped the car on foot and is being sought after by police.
The gunshot victims, all members of the Al-Kadr family, are known to police.
The Al-Kadr family has been involved in a protracted feud with the Hariri family in the Arab town, which was temporarily halted but then erupted again.
Senior police officers from the Sharon sub district and the Central Unit arrived at the scene and forensic officers gathered evidence.