Jenna Jameson gets personal on social media

The infamous Jewish celeb took to social media to open up about her conversion to Judaism, and much, much more.

Jenna Jameson (photo credit: REUTERS)
Jenna Jameson
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Jenna has been busy these days being mama to her beautiful daughter Batel and her two growing boys, twins Jesse and Journey. But recently, the former starlet took some time to get a little more personal on the all too often ‘un-social’ media.
Taking to Twitter, Jameson opened up about her conversion to Judaism, her work-life balance, and the truth about her ‘terrible Israeli accent.'
One Twitter user, @Justin_Felicies, asked how Jenna's perspective on certain issues may have changed since she converted to Judaism.

On her status as an Orthodox Jew and her knowledge of the Torah...

And the (once again) new mama gives credit to Judaism for her 'incredible positivity and family values.'

Another user asked about the struggle of adjusting to a Kosher lifestyle.

And the one thing she would do differently?

Jenna ended the Twitter chat when her daughter Batel woke up. But, she always leaves us kvelling for more.


My morning star ⭐️

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