Why did this couple divorce five days after getting married?

Husband allegedly hid thousands of shekels of stock losses from his wife, gave his parents their wedding money without asking her • he says she danced with her ex at their wedding

Divorce Illustration  (photo credit: JEFF DURHAM/MCT DIRECT)
Divorce Illustration
(photo credit: JEFF DURHAM/MCT DIRECT)

A newlywed couple in their thirties divorced five days after their wedding following a two-year relationship.

The wife claims that her husband hid thousands of shekels of losses in the stock market from her, and she found out after the wedding that their cash gifts were given straight to his parents.

"It seems like it was all planned ahead," she said. "He took the money we were gifted to fulfill debts and return loans, and he said he owed his parents money, too. He actually only admitted to all this when he demanded that the money be given to his parents."

The divorce case

As part of the divorce case, lawyer Moran Solan is requesting to view the bank accounts of the husband and his parents in order to figure out the sum of the gifts that were given to them the day before, the day of and the day after the wedding.

 Israeli money bills. (credit: PIXABAY) Israeli money bills. (credit: PIXABAY)

At the same time, the wife has asked for an immediate get (Jewish divorce document) on the grounds of mistrust in her husband. 

"My husband hid losses in stocks from me, and also took away the money from our wedding."

The wife 

The couple was sent to counseling but not before the husband said some nasty things about his wife.

"I knew she was capricious, but I didn't know she was a liar," he said. "It all begins and ends with when her ex, who she was with for four years, showed up to the wedding and was attached to her on the dance floor."