Vacation nightmare: What do you do when your luggage gets lost?

The writer lost her suitcase that was packed for her two-week vacation which included her son's wedding.

 IS THE red samsonite among the pile of luggage at the airport? (photo credit: FLASH90)
IS THE red samsonite among the pile of luggage at the airport?
(photo credit: FLASH90)

I never thought it could happen to me. We were going on a two-week trip, flying to Spain and the Canary Islands for a week’s holiday and then boarding a luxury cruise liner for the second week.

I’d packed my red Samsonite suitcase with my best clothes for the cruise – the expensive gown from Dizengoff for my son’s wedding, my little Gucci evening bag, plus, of course, pants and tops for sight-seeing, shoes, underwear and my precious hair-straightener, without which I’m a frizzy mess.

The case never reached Las Palmas Airport. Watching the chute vomiting out its baggage, I became more and more uneasy until it stopped and I realized my baggage was not going to arrive.

We had to stand in line at a window and report our lost luggage. This took the best part of an hour and our pre-arranged taxi gave up, but thankfully the cab company arranged for a substitute.

We spent the few days in Las Palmas shopping for basic clothes for me to wear on the cruise where many of the women go for designer jeans, glamorous tops and very sexy footwear. We were lucky to find a Primark where I acquired some basic cheap pants and tops. I also bought a nightgown, a pair of slippers and toiletries. Luckily I had my make-up and jewelry with me.

 Imagine going on a cruise in the sky. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Imagine going on a cruise in the sky. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In spite of everything, the cruise was great. Seabourn is a seven-star line and their sole aim is to pamper the guests in every possible way. The food was good, the waiters obsequious, the entertainment – high standard.

The shop, which sold expensive Joseph Ribicoff clothes, was my first port of call, once we set sail. To my utter amazement and delight, the management had heard of my dilemma and presented me with $250 to spend in the shop. This got me two beautiful tops which I alternated for the elegant evening meals and shows.

We had a wonderful time and left the ship after a week, spending a few days in Lisbon, but that’s another story.

Happy ending – a few days after arriving home, I received notification that my suitcase was in Tel Aviv.

It was delivered directly to our apartment and I opened it tentatively, wondering if I would find all my belongings. I’m happy to report that it was all there, a bit roughed up but nothing missing.

People we met on the cruise said they only ever travel with carry-on luggage to avoid the kind of trauma that I endured. I don’t think I could do that.

Now my biggest problem is fitting all my clothes, including the new additions, into my wardrobe – that and wondering what I should do with two hair-straighteners.