‘Check for every citizen’ approved in first reading

The check for every citizen plan offers scaled benefits to Israeli families based on the number of children in each household.

Jerusalem family of six, unable to pay rent, relocates to the lake

About a week ago, the Ofir family camp was paid a visit by local authorities, who demanded they vacate the area. Ofir told the authorities that they have no plans to stay there for a long time.

Economic plan positive ‘if’ implemented - analysis

The NIS 90 billion plan provides a strong safety net for the country’s citizens; not a short-term safety net, but one that will last for another year.

Iran, Russia, China, Turkey celebrate 'collapse' of US

The goal of these countries during the current US crisis is to use it to their advantage to achieve gains.

US President Donald Trump holds a news conference in Washington DC
How the coronavirus is bringing back realism

The pandemic reaffirms Politics 101: Only strong, effective, self-reliant states can cope with crises

A man wears a face mask for fear of the coronavirus as he takes the train to Haifa, on March 17, 202
Crisis management in the age of coronavirus

How to deal with the coronavirus crisis from the crisis management outlook

Ministry of Agriculture presents solution to butter crisis

The Ministry of Agriculture's decision was made as a result of significant increases in butter imported from different countries.

Iranian women wear protective masks to prevent contracting coronavirus, as they walk in the street i
Iran’s theocracy is in denial about the coronavirus threat

Despite having the capability to counter the coronavirus threat, Iran's regime has not, preferring to brazen it out as a show of piety.

The first of Israel's El Al Airlines order of 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets lands at Ben Gurion Inte
El Al CEO to staff: ‘Painful decisions may be required’

The email was sent shortly after El Al notified the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that the company is in a financial crisis – not of its own making – because of the spread of the coronavirus.

Wildfires trap thousands on Australian beaches

The huge bushfires have destroyed more than 4 million hectares (10 million acres), with new blazes sparked into life almost daily by extremely hot and windy conditions.

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