50-year-old man has 60 kids - and wants more

The man petitioned local authorities to donate a bus for him to transport his large family.

Babies (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Babies (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A 50-year-old man who is married to three wives recently celebrated the birth of his 60th child and doesn't see a reason to stop having more.

Pakistani-born Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan Khilji finds himself struggling to make ends meet and support his large family, to say the least. He lives with his three wives and all his children in the district of Kota.

One of the women gave birth to the man's latest son this week, whom he named Khushal. Khilji, a doctor by profession, told the local media that even as a father of 60 children "he does not intend to stop procreating" and claimed that he is looking for another wife with whom to have some more children.

Prices have risen

He appealed to the local government for a bus donation, so that he could take all his children on a trip, after complaining about the cost of living when he was having trouble supporting his extended family.

In a conversation with Shamshad News, the 50-year-old explained that "business has stopped" and that the prices of all basic commodities, including flour and sugar, have tripled. "In the last three years, all Pakistanis and the whole world are facing difficulties - and I am among them," he said.

small boy in Pakistan 521 (credit: 	 REUTERS/Stringer Pakistan)small boy in Pakistan 521 (credit: REUTERS/Stringer Pakistan)

The news about the birth of the 60th child in number went viral on social media and some even asked how he is able to remember everyone's names. One viewer wrote: "He should continue to 100 kids," while another responded: "Someone needs to stop this crazy man."

Indian journalist Mohan Sinha stated: "In Pakistan, polygamy is legal, but only men who adhere to the Islamic faith can enter into a polygamous relationship - with a maximum of four women at a time." The law enacted in 1961 gives Khilji the opportunity to now marry his fourth wife - with whom he plans to have more children.

The world record ever recorded for a couple with the most children allegedly belongs to Valentina and Fyodor Vasiliev, who gave birth to 69 children, the last one being born in 1765.