Vegetarian on TikTok reveals: All vegetarians cheat and eat meat

A TikTok user from Toronto shared a viral clip claiming all vegetarians occasionally cheat with some meat, and some in the community confirmed this in the comments.

 Noodles and a tomato, the food of a vegetarian (Illustrative). (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Noodles and a tomato, the food of a vegetarian (Illustrative).
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

A young woman who claims to be a vegetarian revealed something online that her friends probably won't like to hear - she said that all vegetarians cheat and eat meat every now and then.

The TikTok user from Toronto, @Baligrilledcheese, caused a real stir with a viral clip that managed to gain over four million views in just a week.

@baligrilledcheese I’ll lie till I die #vegetarian ♬ original sound - Baligrilledcheese

"If you ask me, I'll say 'No, I never eat meat, never ever ever, I love animals.' I'd be lying," she said in the brief 27-second TikTok video while eating a pizza topped with prosciutto. 

"I have it about once every few months, and I'm telling you, every other vegetarian out there has a cheat meal, and if they say they don't, they're lying to you. They do."

Do all vegetarians secretly eat meat?

Many of her followers accused her of not being a vegetarian, despite claiming to be one for seven years. Others pointed out that being a vegetarian isn't necessarily for dieting and could also be a moral or ethical choice.

Other comments were from vegetarians who admitted that she spoke the truth and that they, too, on occasion cheat and eat meat.

She later answered the critics in other videos

@baligrilledcheese Replying to @Caroline I googled that fact! Veggie police were out for me #vegetarianlife #veggietales ♬ original sound - Baligrilledcheese

@baligrilledcheese Replying to @pinkphantom45 I am a poser ✌#veggietales #vegetarianlife #sorrynotsorry ♬ original sound - Baligrilledcheese