Israeli traffic light with conflicting instructions confuses drivers

Drivers were confronted with conflicting instructions at the intersection in Kiryat Ono.

 Traffic light displaying green.  (photo credit: DAVID SANCHEZ/PEXELS)
Traffic light displaying green.
(photo credit: DAVID SANCHEZ/PEXELS)

A traffic light in the city of Kiryat Ono in central Israel went viral on the internet on Thursday, as videos began circulating showing the light's conflicting instructions. 

At the intersection, drivers were confronted with a green arrow to turn left as well as a blue metal sign affixed to the traffic light instructing them that they can only turn right. 

Caution: Road work ahead

That particular traffic light is part of a new two-way public transportation route that opened to traffic on Friday and is designed to strengthen the transportation capacity between the city of Kiryat Ono and the rest of the Gush Dan area. The municipality of Kiryat Ono stated that the light was only installed about thirty minutes before the issue was raised online, and it was immediately dealt with. 

However, it appeared that the solution was not as immediate as the municipality claimed. On Saturday evening, the city released another statement saying that "the route was opened to traffic for the first time today, and subsequently some malfunctions were discovered."

The statement continued: "Sometimes it is a too-short green light, sometimes it is confusion due to an unfamiliar traffic sign, sometimes additional painting is needed, etc. - we monitor [such] difficulties and are attentive to complaints that can be fixed immediately, and with others, as soon as possible. Until the end of the short while needed to examine and act accordingly, we ask for patience and cooperation.

 TRAFFIC JAMS on the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv. (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90) TRAFFIC JAMS on the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv. (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)

"In the near future, we will solve the problems and ensure a smart and synchronized green light so as to let traffic flow safely. We are at your service at any time and thank you for your cooperation and great patience. 

In the comments, people told of the transportation chaos that was caused in the city, green lights that are too short and endanger lives, simultaneous green lights for pedestrians and vehicles and many drivers who run red lights because of a lack of knowledge about the new traffic lights or confusion about a large number of traffic lights.