An interior designer's warning: These are the furniture pieces you should avoid

Discover which furniture items are not worth your money and may compromise style, comfort, and safety in your home.

 What furniture should you buy for your home? (illustrative) (photo credit: PEXELS)
What furniture should you buy for your home? (illustrative)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Everyone wants their home to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible, but it turns out that there are expensive pieces of furniture that you just don't need and that aren't worth your money.

Interior designer Jordan shares valuable insights on TikTok, guiding viewers on what furniture to avoid so that they can save their money instead.

Backless stools and feather-filled couches

In his video, Jordan highlights three particular pieces that, for various reasons, he doesn't recommend. The first item he advises against purchasing is a glass coffee table, which he describes as a nightmare to live with.

He suggests that the constant need for cleaning fingerprints and smudges, coupled with safety concerns, especially for households with children or pets, makes glass furniture impractical.

Another furniture piece to avoid is backless stools. Jordan emphasizes the importance of investing in stools with proper backrests, particularly for those who spend considerable time eating or working at the kitchen island. Backless stools can lead to discomfort and posture issues, affecting one's overall well-being.

Feather-filled couches also make it to Jordan's list. While he acknowledges their potential comfort, he cautions against the long-term consequences. Sharing a photo of a flattened sofa, he warns that the feathers can cause need for constant fluffing and maintenance, making the sofa appear unappealing for a significant portion of its use.

Although most of the commenters thanked him for the advice and agreed with him - there were those who claimed that, at least when it came to glass tables, he was wrong.

"On the other hand, one of the advantages of glass tables is that they are particularly resistant to stains. Like, even nail polish comes off with a little acetone," one of the commenters wrote to him.

"I've always had glass dining and/or coffee tables and I love them! They're durable in the water and open the space," another added.