How can you choose the perfect perfume for each season? A complete guide

Choosing the perfect summer fragrance can be quite a challenge. Get expert tips from Shifra Pantanovich, manager of cosmetics business development at Mashbir, to make the ideal choice.

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Perfume is an essential accessory for everyone, and many people have a collection of scents to choose from. A great perfume acts as a finishing touch to any look, empowering us and exuding a sense of strong femininity or masculinity. The fragrance we wear speaks volumes about us, influencing how others perceive us and reflecting our identity in different settings.

While most of us have a signature fragrance that we've cherished for years, we also own other perfumes that we select based on our mood, the occasion, and various factors. Seasons also play a significant role in perfume selection. In the summer, when the weather is hot and humid, finding the right fragrance can be a daunting task.

So, how can you choose the perfect perfume for the summer? Shifra Pantanovich, a cosmetics manager at Mashbir, is here with expert insights and tips to help you make the ideal choice.

How to pick the best perfume for the summer

When you're looking to purchase a new perfume, it's best to visit the store without wearing any other fragrance. If you've used a scented body cream, it's preferable that it be fragrance-free. This ensures that your sense of smell won't be influenced by the lingering scent of your current perfume or body lotion.

Remember, less is more: Avoid overwhelming your sense of smell by trying too many perfumes in a row, as it can make it challenging to select the right fragrance. Limit yourself to smelling a maximum of three different perfumes consecutively to avoid sensory confusion.

To get the best impression of a perfume's fragrance, spray it onto the inside of your elbow joint or wrist and wait a few minutes before smelling it. This allows you to experience the true scent of the perfume instead of the initial burst that occurs when it's first sprayed.

It's highly recommended to apply perfume directly onto your skin rather than on the scent strips provided in stores. Your body has its own unique natural scent, and it's important to find a perfume that complements it.

During the summer season, opt for an eau de toilette or cologne rather than a perfume. These lighter formulations have a less intense scent and are perfect for everyday summer wear.

Choosing an alcohol-free perfume or one with a lower concentration of alcohol is advisable, particularly in the summer. Alcohol, when combined with sun exposure, can lead to skin pigmentation. Additionally, consider applying perfume to areas of the body that won't be exposed to the sun to minimize the risk of pigmentation.

In the summer, the body's skin tends to be oilier, which allows the perfume to adhere better and results in a stronger fragrance compared to other seasons. Therefore, it's preferable to select a perfume with a light, citrusy, or herbal scent rather than one that is sweet and heavy.

Opting for perfumes that evoke a sense of freshness and cleanliness is highly beneficial during the summer when the body tends to sweat more, leaving a sticky and greasy feeling. Look for fragrances with fruity notes such as the citrus family, grapefruit, mandarin, or refreshing aquatic scents.

La Perla Villa Sorrento captures the essence of your childhood orchard with its initial aromas, reminiscent of blood orange peel, green mandarin, and grapefruit. It takes you on a nostalgic journey back to your youthful days.

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A helpful tip: When smelling perfume, close your eyes and be fully present in the moment. This enhances your sense of smell and enables you to determine which fragrance suits you best.