Want to know if someone's a narcissist? It's in the stars

Astrologers suggest that self-centered and deeply self-loving individuals can be identified by their zodiac signs. Discover the top 3 signs with strong narcissistic traits

Woman applying lipstick (illustrative). (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Woman applying lipstick (illustrative).
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Sigmund Freud, a Taurus, was among the first to use the term "narcissism," referencing a mythical hunter who fell in love with his own reflection. As self-interest is essential for survival, we all display some level of narcissistic tendencies.

Freud posited that narcissism, akin to political and sexual ideologies, spans a spectrum, ranging from healthy narcissism to narcissistic personality disorder characterized by authoritarian behaviors, lack of empathy, professional and personal envy, extreme grandiosity, and superficiality.

Celebrities, as Dr. Drew Pinsky notes, exhibit narcissism more than the general public. Recent studies reveal that "productive narcissism" exists among successful business owners and entrepreneurs, a trait highlighted in The Harvard Business Review's view that great leaders often embody narcissistic qualities due to their compelling visions and ability to attract followers.

Though narcissism is prevalent in the zodiac, certain signs distinctly prioritize themselves at the pinnacle of importance. Astrologer Rida Weigel told the New York Post about the three most narcissistic zodiac signs:


The first comes as no surprise. Leo, ruled by the sun, interprets this cosmic relationship as a metaphorical testament to their significance. At its best, Leo's confidence fosters self-love and belief in the worthiness of receiving love from others. Psychologist Dr. Christy K. Phillips explains that individuals with a healthy self-image can balance high self-esteem with pro-social behaviors, while unhealthy Leos operate from a wounded ego or deep insecurities, leading to potentially dangerous behaviors. Notable narcissistic Leos include Napoleon Bonaparte and tech billionaire Larry Ellison, who once said, "The difference between God and Larry is that God doesn't believe he is Larry."

Napoleon Bonaparte (credit: PIXABAY)
Napoleon Bonaparte (credit: PIXABAY)


Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, values excellence and progress. The journey to success isn't easy, and Capricorn disdains those unwilling to strive for it. This goal-oriented nature may manifest as self-focus, a lack of empathy, and a ruthless determination to surpass others. Modern example: Tiger Woods, labeled a "pathological narcissist" in his biography. Capricorn individuals, like Richard Nixon, exhibit these traits.


Aquarius wears their independence as a badge of honor, leading them to view those who demand more than they deserve as deficient. Although valued for their objectivity and ideals, Aquarians' detachment doesn't always indicate mastery over emotions—it can signify an inability to process and empathize. Former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt illustrates this point, as does Portuguese soccer coach Jose Mourinho, and Instagram influencer Daria Michelle. While Aquarians are unique, they must remember that their distinctiveness doesn't equate to superiority over others.