Shake up your makeup game with this TikTok lip trick

TikTok trends reveal innovative beauty hacks once again. Discover a unique makeup technique involving a cotton swab! Achieve flawless lips on a budget with this quirky yet effective trick.

Colour Riche Shine (photo credit: L’ORÉAL PARIS)
Colour Riche Shine
(photo credit: L’ORÉAL PARIS)

The ever-evolving landscape of TikTok consistently introduces us to novel beauty techniques.

Amid this digital beauty revolution, a new makeup hack has emerged, and while it initially may make you laugh, it surprisingly yields stunning results. All you need to master this technique is your favorite rouge or lip gloss and a cotton swab– yes, you read that right!

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Typically reserved for minor touch-ups to eradicate stubborn mascara residues straying onto our upper eyelids, the humble cotton swab assumes an entirely different role in this beauty endeavor.

Never did we imagine it could be used as a grooming tool for lipstick and blush – let alone to refine, correct, or contour our lip color.

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But TikTok, ever eager to impress, unveiled a series of beauty videos that transitioned from amusement to astonishment. Within this array of tutorials lies a hidden gem: an ingenious solution for achieving immaculate lip aesthetics.

Sidestepping expensive options, this TikTok trick offers an affordable alternative for crafting precise, flawless lips. The secret? Your desired lipstick and an unassuming cotton swab.

Intrigued? Let's dive in.

How cotton swabs can help with your lipstick

Step one entails placing the cotton swab gently between your lips. This may seem awkward at first, but that fades with time. Though the first few seconds may cause lip trembling, you'll soon become an expert, paving the way for flawless execution.

Begin by applying your chosen lip color. This is something we're all familiar with, starting with the upper lip and promptly moving to the lower. Once you finish, remove the cotton swab from your mouth.

The essence of this technique lies in achieving a clean outcome post-cotton swab removal. This simple tool acts as a barrier, preventing the rouge from smudging onto your teeth, and facilitates the precision required for intricate mouth corners, culminating in well-defined, sharp arches. Now, the inner lip corners remain unadorned, setting the stage for a seamless blend of hues.

A hint of lip-to-lip contact melds the colors, supplemented by a gentle sweep of a matching lip liner within the corners.

Is it worth the effort, you ask? That's a valid question.

The sole drawback of this momentary makeup marvel is that the cotton swab ends occasionally hinder full application of the lipstick. Traditionally, lipsticks are applied with a slightly parted mouth, contrasting the parted-lip technique employed here.

Nonetheless, beyond this minor quirk, the method is effective and is worth a try.