Twin sisters spend $200,000 to turn themselves into Barbie dolls

British twins Daisy and Dolly Simpson have undergone extensive plastic surgery over 3 years with the hope of turning themselves into real-life dolls.

 What would you do in order to transform into a Barbie doll? (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
What would you do in order to transform into a Barbie doll?
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The age-old desire to look like Barbie continues, as 26-year-old British twins Daisy and Dolly Simpson have spent over $200,000 on procedures and surgeries with the goal of looking like Barbie dolls.

They have undergone a multitude of cosmetic surgeries, such enhancing their breasts and buttocks, altering their noses, and even having vaginal surgery, all to become like the iconic plastic figure. The strong bond they share as twins is what drives them to undergo these changes together, as they aim to maintain their unique connection.

Before embarking on their surgical transformations, the sisters felt their appearances were ordinary. Dolly, hailing from Stockton-On-Tees, shared with Caters News that the two believed they lacked a sense of femininity, and that their looks didn't resonate with their personalities or style.

Since 2020, the sisters have undergone an array of cosmetic surgeries, including breast enhancement, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). They've also embraced enhancements like Botox, dental veneers, and buttock fillers, in addition to numerous other cosmetic procedures targeting their lips, chin, cheeks, and jawline.

Their shared dream of becoming living dolls traces back to their childhood. Dolly confessed that the pair used to grapple with self-doubt about their appearances and how, as a result, she and Daisy spent their formative years fantasizing about transforming into Barbie dolls. 

Dolly explained that they were enchanted by the charm of the radiant blondes with flawless tans and well-endowed busts, and wished that they too, were more doll-like. As they grew older, they discovered cosmetic procedures and eagerly welcomed the chance to start their transformation journey.

The Simpson sisters found inspiration from iconic figures such as Barbie, Bratz dolls, and Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunnies as they ventured into the world of plastic surgery. 

Their pursuit of attaining the coveted contours of Barbie finds resonance within a larger community; over 149.2 million instances of the viral #BarbieNose hashtag are visible online, and a Long Island doctor recently introduced a comprehensive $120,000 Barbie transformation package, encompassing body, facial, and hair adjustments.

Dolly and Daisy embarked on their transformation progressively over the course of roughly three years. Dolly recalled how in 2020, she had her first plastic surgery, specifically a labia reduction procedure performed in Romania.

Subsequently, Daisy expressed a desire for the same procedure, explaining that she favors simultaneous transformations to uphold her likeness with her twin sister.

In August of that year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the sisters both had breast enhancement surgery. Dolly underwent a breast lift combined with implants, while Daisy opted solely for implants. The following year, both of us underwent rhinoplasty, Dolly detailed, revealing their mutual aspiration for consistency, although the outcomes weren't perfectly identical.

The metamorphosis journey extended to Turkey in 2022, where the sisters pursued additional enhancements. Dolly underwent dental veneers and a Brazilian butt lift coupled with liposuction, while Daisy opted for vaginal bioplasty.

Dolly commented that Daisy now aspires to match her Brazilian butt lift, although she approaches it with more caution in selecting the practitioner. While Dolly was less apprehensive about pursuing the procedure in Turkey, her sister prefers a UK-based experience for her first time. She intends to share images of Dolly's results with her surgeon to ensure precision.

Meanwhile, Dolly is contemplating a second buttock lift, which could potentially affect the timing of Daisy's procedure to match the new measurements. She openly acknowledged that she is also contemplating another buttock lift because the desired outcome from her initial procedure hasn't been achieved.

However, she explained, the process is extensive and requires the person undergoing it to gain weight in order to ensure sufficient fat for transfer. She added that if weight gain isn't a viable option, she may consider silicon implants instead.

While the two sisters are pleased with the progress they've made, both acknowledge that it is an ongoing journey, and they still feel they have a way to go.