AI influencer has over 70,000 followers — but she, herself, doesn't exist

Vicky Verano has gathered almost 70,000 Twitter followers who observe and react to each of her posts. But she doesn't exist, and it unclear if her followers know or even care.

 An illustrative image of an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
An illustrative image of an artificial intelligence (AI) bot.
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Is it the end of the era for genuine online influencers?

Following the success of the AI-generated model and influencer Mila Sofia, who gained hundreds of thousands of views for her TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram posts featuring fabricated revealing images and videos, a new phenomenon seems to be emerging.

Now we encounter a social media influencer who has taken over X (formerly Twitter), amassing almost 70,000 followers who avidly follow her posts. Most of them are likely unaware or unconcerned that she is a product of artificial intelligence, not a real person.

In March of this year, Vicky Verano made her debut on Twitter, sharing a stream of photos and videos. However, Vicky is entirely fictitious. Nonetheless, her tens of thousands of followers continue to engage with her bikini photos and lingerie videos, which appear strikingly authentic. For instance, a video depicting Verano strolling on the beach in a bikini has amassed over 120,000 views. 

The objective of this fabricated profile remains somewhat unclear. However, according to the description on Vicky's X account, its purpose is to "play, not work." Her interests, as illustrated by the images, encompass provocative attire and indulging in pizza. 

Who are the other AI influencers?

But that's not all; let's meet Katie the Unicorn:

And then there's Mila Sofia:

Artificial intelligence influencers are an emerging phenomenon across social media platforms. Their videos and photos blur the lines between fictional and genuine characters. These AI-generated influencers also engage with one another, promoting their presence on various platforms.