Vet finds 11 rubber ducks in dog's stomach

Worried about her pet ingesting a foreign object, a woman hurried to the vet. There, she uncovered a surprising detail that left her stunned.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In a peculiar incident reported by Asia Wire, Ms. Liu from Shanghai became concerned when a red rubber duck from her collection went missing. Given her habit of receiving toy ducks as bonuses when purchasing beverage cases, she began to suspect her canine companion's involvement in the disappearing act. Without hesitation, she whisked her furry friend to the veterinarian's office.

The subsequent events at the vet's clinic left her utterly astonished. Upon conducting X-rays of the pet's abdomen, the doctors unearthed more than just a foreign item. Swift action was imperative. The French Bulldog was promptly wheeled into the operating room for emergency surgery. 

What the vet really found

During the procedure, veterinarians extracted six additional rubber ducks, stealthily concealed from view—the grand tally: a staggering 11 petite rubber ducks successfully retrieved from the dog's stomach.

The gravity of the situation became apparent; swallowing rubber toys can prove fatal for pets. The risks can range from minor inconveniences to life-threatening scenarios, be it a rubber duck or any uncomplicated plaything. Potential complications encompass anything from harmless passage to perilous suffocation or digestive blockages.

Ms. Liu's response to this nerve-racking escapade was shared on Douyin, a Chinese social media platform. In a video, she's seen reprimanding her seemingly oblivious dog, which nonchalantly takes a nap atop her feet.