She fell asleep with her ring on. In the morning, it would not come off

Over 7 million viewers followed the excruciating story of Briana, who went to sleep with a ring on her finger, only to wake up unable to remove it.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Have you ever fallen asleep wearing a ring, only to awaken with it painfully swollen and impossible to remove? That's what happened to Briana, who briefly feared she might lose her finger entirely. Even after three doctors attempted to extract the ring unsuccessfully, she likened her ordeal to a genuine horror story.

What we learned on TikTok

Briana shared her agonizing experience in a TikTok video that garnered a staggering 7 million views. She revealed that following a night of revelry, she retired with a cross ring adorning her middle finger, only to be unable to take it off in the morning. Alongside a photo depicting the ring constricting her finger, she lamented, "This ring won't budge. Any solutions are welcome."

Desperate to free her finger, Briana tried various remedies. She soaked her finger in ice water, raised her arm above her head to reduce blood flow and alleviate swelling, and even wrapped string around the swollen finger in a bid to extract the ring. She humorously quipped in another photo, "To those asking, no, it's still on, and it's officially the worst day of my life. Bye."

With no relief in sight, Briana finally sought external assistance and headed to a "first aid station," where, to her dismay, they, too, couldn't liberate her finger from the ring's grip. Undeterred, she proceeded to a clinic, only to find the doctor there, also unable to remove the stubborn ring. Briana then made a futile pitstop at "The Third Stop" before finally discovering salvation at MD City Urgent Care, the largest urgent care provider in New York and New Jersey. There, they successfully liberated her from the cursed ring. Overjoyed, she posted a photo of her ring-free hand, exclaiming, "I'm finally free! Thanks to everyone for following."

Commenters suggested that she should have visited a jewelry store instead of doctors, as they might have been more adept at solving her predicament. Nevertheless, many remained baffled by how Briana found herself in this situation in the first place. 

One commenter shared, "I sleep with my rings every night because I lose things, and this has never happened to me." Another added, "I've worn rings to bed for over a decade, and it's never occurred to me even once. Is this normal?" 

Briana responded, "It was not normal :/ but I never sleep with my rings on, and I had a few drinks the night before." Another commenter attributed the issue to dehydration, to which Briana replied, "You learn something new every day."