Child's Croc shoe gets caught on side of escalator - photo

Mother warns: Do not allow children to wear Crocs on escalators.

  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)

A mother and her daughter had a frightening incident on an escalator. The daughter's shoe got caught and nearly crushed, but the mother's quick actions saved the day.

In a stark warning to fellow parents, the shaken mother recounted the incident and urged them not to allow their children to wear Crocs while using escalators. She shared images of the incident online, revealing that she wasn't alone in experiencing this terrifying ordeal.

Mother shares photo

Olivia Jill took to Facebook to share her ordeal, recounting how she and her daughter, both on an escalator, faced a terrifying moment. The daughter, donning pink Crocs, found her shoe entangled in the escalator's side as they ascended, causing the shoe to be severely damaged.

Jill shared images of the damaged shoe after the incident, highlighting the portion covering the toes that had been torn apart. Thankfully, her daughter emerged from the ordeal unharmed, but the experience left her mother deeply shaken. Jill used her story as a cautionary tale to alert others to the potential dangers.

"Today my daughter's shoe got caught on the side of an escalator halfway up," she wrote on Facebook. "Luckily, I pulled her leg away in time. Be vigilant and ensure your children stay clear of the escalator's sides."

Not the first time

Many empathetic readers offered their support, with some sharing similar experiences.

"The same thing happened to my son two weeks ago at Universal," one mother disclosed. "Did you know that Disney World doesn't permit Crocs on escalators for this very reason?" noted another concerned parent.