Australian man surprised by late night visitor: a huntsman spider

Australian man surprised to see a huge spider ringing his doorbell at 2 a.m.

 Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 2. (photo credit: RING)
Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 2.
(photo credit: RING)
An Australian man was surprised to see a spider at his door at 2 a.m. The man was woken up by someone ringing his doorbell repeatedly and decided to check his security camera before opening the door.
What he saw on camera was a huge spider crawling across the camera lens causing the bell to ring. The man identified it as a huntsman spider, according to British media and republished by Walla News.
He took to Reddit to express his surprise, posting a video captioned, “Old mate kept ringing my doorbell at 2 a.m.”
The video shows the huge spider, also known as a giant crab spider because of its shape and size, crawling back and forth.
The man said he was surprised to find the spider ringing his doorbell but that he is used to spiders and is not afraid of them. 
The bite of a huntsman spider is not generally considered dangerous to a healthy adult, but they are venomous and their bite has been known to cause some neurological symptoms in humans.
Reddit users commenting on the post suggested that the spider may have been attracted to the heat let off by the infrared light on the security camera. One user said that although he has never had a spider ring his doorbell, he has seen extensive spider activity in front of his security cameras.