Scientists find spider-killing worm and name it after Jeff Daniels - study

Jeff Daniels has had a long and storied career, but no other actor has given his name to a new species of parasitic tarantula-killing nematodes.


Replacing anxiety with certainty: expecting spiders reduces phobia - study

"It is possible that if we can increase the feeling of certainty, the sense of anxiety among the public could be moderated."

 Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Australian man surprised by late night visitor: a huntsman spider

Australian man surprised to see a huge spider ringing his doorbell at 2 a.m.

Spider-Man spiderman

Viewing Spider-Man can fight arachnophobia suggests Israeli study

Viewing clips from Spider-Man were more effective at treating fear-of-spiders than footage of real spiders, Israeli research study suggests.


Cougartown: These spiders prefer sex with older females, then being eaten

According to researchers, male brown widow spiders want to mate with older, less-fertile females who are 50% more likely to eat them after sex.

WATCH: In Jerusalem forest, spiders weave their magic

Science and nature combined to create the unusual sight.

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