April 8: No Mercy

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
No mercy
Former president Moshe Katsav was convicted on circumstantial evidence. He has maintained his innocence throughout his long ordeal; removal from office, investigation, trial, sentencing and imprisonment. To date, Katsav has served two-thirds of his sentence, all as an exemplary inmate. Now he is requesting parole. A request that has been denied because he refuses to confess to a crime he says he didn’t do in the first place.
The State of Israel has freed terrorists with blood on their hands and yet when it comes to a former president of our beloved state, a man who has been disgraced in media around the world, a man who has been broken, who is experiencing suicidal ideation, who begs to be reunited with his family, a man who presents no danger to others, the State of Israel shows no mercy.
Let us not forget that in our tradition, tzedek and mishpat , righteousness and law are intertwined. *
Clear and simple
I want to commend Judy Montagu on her important and incisive “Rights and obligations” (In My Own Write, April 6).
Ms. Montagu points out what so many people have missed in today’s moral and political debate surrounding what constitutes right from wrong.
Her main thesis is that human rights are so easily camouflaged while denying human life. That we are bombarded with rhetoric of “understanding” the murderous intentions of immoral enemies. That there is no mention ever of “obligations,” only “rights.” We have waited so long to hear clarity in opposing the hypocrisy and cruelty of those who defame Jews and Israel. Judy Montagu has articulated, so simply and so clearly, the basic rational for the right of all of us to the sanctity of life. I salute her as she tears away the false premises that evildoers manipulate to justify their insidious plans.
Thank you Judy.
Peace with whom?
Arabs in the Gaza Strip and West Bank towns should not be committing terrorist attacks against Israel and the Jewish people.
They think they are fu thering their cause or helping themselves by hurting Israelis. Perhaps they feel they have no other course of action rather than to hurt the occupier. What they fail to compre- hend is that it is not Israel that is hurting them – it is Hamas leaders, who could not care less about the welfare of their own people and only want to further their own agenda of taking power.
Let’s say, God forbid, there will be a Palestinian state. The Palestinians wouldn’t have it any better than they do now; a Hamas government would suck their guts out for its own nefarious purposes.
The Palestinians’ only hope is to commit terrorist attacks against Hamas leaders, to gain independence from Hamas and be friends with Israel, which is willing to bend over backwards to help others and have peace.
Rest in peace
To all of The Jerusalem Post readers: Our dear friend Zev Chamudot died suddenly several days ago. He and I became great pals because of our common love of Israel and the many letters we both wrote to The Jerusalem Post.
Whenever he had a letter published I would call him. Sometimes he was satisfied. Sometimes he would say, “But they took out my best sentence!” And now, unbelievably he is gone from this world. We still feel the fierce and passionate love he had for this land. I can imagine him now being an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people among all the angels.
Our hearts are with Harriet and all the family. May they be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Petah Tikva