December 19: Looking for logic

Has anyone a logical answer?

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Looking for logic
Sir, – With regard to “Attack sparks solidarity campaign with Muslims” (December 17), a Muslim man inflamed by his religion kills his wife and takes hostage customers in a chocolate shop. He and two of the hostages are killed in the shootout.
Result: a worldwide campaign to identify with Muslims, even offering to ride with them to protect them and show solidarity.
Muslims in Gaza, inflamed by their religion, launch 10,000 rockets at random upon innocent Israelis. Israel defends itself.
Result: anti-Israel and anti-Jewish demonstrations throughout the world; anti-Israel questions by a UN commission of inquiry; recognition of a Palestinian state by European parliaments; boycotts of Israel; threats of sanctions; pressure on Israel to form another failed, corrupt Arab state. And all this while Muslims kill each other (and others) by the thousands in places like Iraq and Syria.
Has anyone a logical answer?
Native caregivers
Sir, – I much appreciated Abigail F. Kolker’s informative article on foreign caregivers (“Who cares for the caregivers?” Comment & Features, December 17).
With all due respect for the decent employees and employers, the situation is distasteful. Because of this I would prefer to have an Israeli caregiver, but they are hard to find and whomever I ask doesn’t recommend them.
An obvious remedy would be to invest in training.
Thousands of Israelis are living below the poverty line, and this would provide 60,000 jobs. Of course, the training would have to inculcate the dignity of labor – for both parties.
Retraining to learn these qualities would be a valuable investment.
Road to nowhere
Sir, – My compliments to Shalom Hammer on his attempt to question the validity of what politicians are trying to communicate to the citizenry of this country.
Self-serving politicians who have no national ideology or idea of what the population is feeling or experiencing are out to compete for meaningless votes by an electorate having only a minor influence on election day. What really exists is a “democratic dictatorship.”
Our leaders lead nowhere and provide nothing for us.
Sir, – I watched the press conference held by Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and Hatnua leader Tzipi LIvni regarding their decision to run on a joint list in the upcoming general election and rotate as prime minister (“Herzog, Livni agree to run on a joint list,” December 11).
They both spoke about their illustrious families’ political backgrounds. Perhaps they should be reminded that Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving modern British prime minister, was the daughter of a grocer from the market town of Grantham.
Very good news
Sir, – Two items in your December 15 Business & Finance section – “Shefa Yamim drilling near Haifa finds potential for precious stones” and “Report: Royee gas prospect has 3.2 trillion cubic feet” – heralded unusually good and highly significant news.
The prayer book says to make the blessing “Who is good and Who does good” upon hearing unusually good news that benefits both oneself and others. I stood and made the blessing when I read these items.
Thanks to them
Sir, – As I sit in my kitchen beginning the preparation for the Shabbat meals and looking forward to the pleasure of family and friends around me, I realize how many Jerusalemites are doing the same.
How fortunate we are that we can enjoy this pleasure because we know that our children, all around the country, are guarding us. In Jerusalem, police and Border Police personnel are sacrificing their Shabbat in order to protect us from harm.
I feel great fullness and want to express what I am sure so many others are feeling. May God keep them all safe.