February 27, 2015: NY verdict

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Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
NY verdict
Sir, – Five quick points come to mind to answer questions as to exactly what the New York court verdict against the Palestinian Authority did (“US jury finds PA liable for $655.5m. in damages for second intifada attacks,” February 24).
1. It put the PA and Hamas on the defensive in the public relations war.
2. It shut up US President Barack Obama and his minions for a day a two regarding their cockeyed and misplaced criticism of Israel.
3. It served as a wake-up call for the Palestinians and their supporters around the world, who ought now realize that terrorism is an integral part of the PA’s makeup.
4. It showed that the federal court understood what the Left in Europe, America and Israel should have figured out years ago: Palestinian leaders encourage terrorism and are not people of peace.
5. It proved that this is the type of hasbara (public diplomacy) that shines light on Israel, and darkness on the Palestinians and their quixotic quest to destroy the Jewish state.
San Luis Obispo, California
Coldly poetic
Sir, – I am sure I am not alone in receiving multiple cold-calls per hour with a recorded message regarding the forthcoming election. Although my vote is still undecided, I have resolved not to vote for any party that cold-calls me with a recorded message. If everyone acted in this manner, this modern day plague could be eradicated.
To quote the Bard, “A plague o’ both your houses!” (Of course, if the calls showed their number and thus could be barred, I wouldn’t need to quote the Bard.)
No respect
Sir, – Where, o’ where have all the good manners gone? Have you ever watched TV, Channel 1 or 2 or even 10, and tried to listen to the news or commentary? It starts at 7 p.m. quietly, and then the discussions start to take on a rougher tone.
One speaker is asked a question. He responds, and before he is able to finish his first sentence he is interrupted by his opponent. The two shout, each trying to block out the other. Suddenly, the interviewer joins in and all three begin shouting each other down.
Sitting and watching the program at home, can you make out even one word? The argument carries on and on, but you cannot hear any of them! There is no respect for the other, and none whatsoever for viewers. Where, o’ where have all the good manners gone?
Good news
Sir, – Recently, in celebration of my birthday, my children arranged a family party. They have done this every year. I have, kenehora, 23 great-grandchildren. All of them, except for a few who had more important things to do (such as serving to protect us from our enemies), were there. I know for a fact that kids often refuse to go with their parents to see bubbie and zaidie, but ours insist they come along.
My dear wife of 95 and I will be married 77 years in June. I just turned 97. I believe that being together for that long is an achievement. The party was a blast – hot dogs and hamburgers, and more of the things that whet kids’ appetites.
A few testimonial speeches and special songs to fit the occasion. Games were created so that all, from 10 to 97, could participate.
Apparently, The Jerusalem Post believes we readers are only interested in death and politics. This was a day of sunshine.
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