February 2: Ramon Ruling

The conviction of Haim Ramon is a hopeful indication that our society is looking to adjust our moral and ethical compass.

letters good 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters good 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Ramon ruling Sir, - The conviction of Haim Ramon is a hopeful indication that our society has had enough of the "laissez-faire" attitude and that it is time to adjust our moral and ethical compass. We, the Jewish people, have inherited the responsibility to hew to a higher standard of behavior than the one to which we have sunk. We must hold everyone to the same standard, otherwise Mr. Ramon's conviction will be a sorry joke. If we can manage this difficult climb we will be much redeemed in the eyes of the world as well. Lately we have not deserved its respect ("Judges convict former justice minister Ramon of indecent act," February 1). DEENA SPIGELMAN Jerusalem Sir, - When I read your editorial "The Ramon verdict (February 1) I was totally in agreement. It was an excellent analysis and it provoked thinking. However, when I turned the page and saw the photograph, I was plagued by certain doubts. Firstly, the way "Heh"'s head rests on Ramon's shoulder and the way her arm embraces his torso tells me in no uncertain terms that it is an invitation for a kiss. She testified that Ramon pulled her tightly against his body with one arm, but her position in the photo does not reflect that. Of course, I do not condone his action, but one could just as easily accuse the girl of wanting "something." Secondly, if one is so traumatized by a situation, one doesn't go around to 13 people and apprise them of one's distress. These are my doubts and in view of them, the verdict is unjust. JENNY WEIL Jerusalem Sir, - If Haim Ramon as justice minister were as popular with our female population as Bill Clinton, as president, was with American females, he would be an innocent hero today. ALEX LOVINGER Ra'anana Terrible blow Sir, - The upcoming stoppage of El Al direct flights to Chicago is a terrible blow to the Chicago Jewish community. If business was so bad, why did El Al add two more weekly flights to the two existing ones in the past few months? If El Al needs to cut down let it give us one flight a week instead of the two that we had for many years. To deprive a major Jewish community - which has supported El Al direct flights for many years - of at least weekly direct service is unfair. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are the three major Jewish communities in the US. All concerned people should write El Al demanding it reconsider this unconscionable move ("El Al to stop Chicago flights," February 1). SEMA CHAIMOVITZ MENORA Skokie, Illinois Overqualified? Sir, - Re Ron Dermer's contract not being renewed ("Economic attache to US baffled by sudden termination of contract," January 31): Going on my limited acquaintance with Ron Dermer a couple of years back and watching his appearances on IBA News, it is not difficult to see that Dermer is intelligent, honest, sincere, eloquent and presents extremely well to the media. So of course (and unfortunately) that makes him way overqualified for our government. I wish we would stop shooting ourselves in the foot. DANIEL SASS Efrat