January 23: Show us

How come there aren't more press pictures of all the Iranian arms Israel has encountered?

letters 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Show us Sir, - How come, at a time when the Americans, Germans and whoever are signing agreements to keep Iranian arms out of Gaza, there aren't more press pictures of all the Iranian arms Israel has encountered? I would say the average Joe, unless he sees some detailed photo evidence, is thinkin' fake moon landing/War of the Worlds ("Keeping Iran's finger out of post-war pie," January 20). MATT MCLAUGHLIN Santa Barbara, California Lending a hand... Sir, - Whether or not the members of Gisha received a welcome in Washington, their agenda is appalling ("This time, we found a willing ear," Tania Hary, Ran Yaron and Libby Friedlander, January 21). Whether it is their guilt or misguided efforts to better the world, they have lost touch with this basic fact: Gisha strengthens those who seek to murder every Jewish man, woman, and child. No amount of appeasement, humanitarian efforts or withdrawals will change the consistent Arab agenda: dismantlement of the State of Israel. JOSH MARK Jerusalem ...to our foes Sir, - During WWII, Britain suspended many "democratic rights," imprisoning or putting under house arrest suspected fifth-columnists and Nazi collaborators in order to save democracy. This country, once again forced to go to war, allows Hamas sympathizers and fifth columnists to operate without restriction and besmirch the name of our brave citizens who are willing to give their all to save this country and the future of the Jewish people ("Israeli human rights groups call for 'war crimes' probe against IDF," January 15). Sadly, none of them thought that the unprovoked shelling of Israeli civilians constituted "war crimes." Many of these Israeli "human rights" groups remind one of those old His Master's Voice gramophone labels - they are the "voice" of their European or American anti-Israel bosses, who fund them and can thus call their tune. It is long overdue for Israel to enact a law similar to the US's by which such groups would have to register as "agents" of the countries whose governments finance their activities, directly or through their NGOs. They should also have to publish yearly balance sheets showing not only the amount they receive from outside sources, but also the salaries paid. Israelis would then realize how many foreign governments and other sources, despite honeyed public declarations of support, are involved in efforts to polarize and divide us. EMANUEL FISCHER Jerusalem Wish you well Sir, - In recent days, here in Ireland, the voices of chaos and hate have been prominent, but there are many like me who understand and support Israel's actions and it is important that our views are also heard. It is imperative, in my opinion, that the West stand beside Israel. We share much in our histories, and in the persecutions we have suffered, and from that we should have a shared understanding of what you do and why you do it. The tragedy is that so many have forgotten this, and the danger is that a distorted reality will feed a rapacious hatred that knows no borders. I wish Israel well. MICHAEL MCMAHON Balbriggan, Co. Dublin