July 10: Made my choice

A destabilized Middle East with Israel intact and safe is infinitely preferable to a destabilized Middle East with a nuclear Iran in situ.

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Made my choice Sir, - I have been mulling over "Obama says 'absolutely' no green light for Israeli action against Iranian nuke sites" (July 8), which expounds the view of Adm. Mike Mullen that both Iran's achievement of a nuclear capability and a strike by Israel against such a capability would be equally destabilizing for the Middle East. I have concluded that a destabilized Middle East with Israel intact and safe is infinitely preferable to a destabilized Middle East with a nuclear Iran in situ. In fact, so convinced am I that I am not open to a discussion of alternatives, nor am I willing to "vote" on it. Every organism, and certainly every psychologically healthy person, puts self-preservation first, except when ready to sacrifice for a higher value or ideal. I hope I am forgiven for stating that pleasing Barack Obama is not such an ideal. NETTA KOHN Jerusalem Tell 'em Sir, - Vice President Joe Biden, asked if the US would stop Israel from taking military action against Iran said: "The US cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do." Is the US not telling us what to do when it "orders" us to stop building in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria? It's time our government told the world that we are an independent nation and will do what it takes to protect our people and land ("Biden's signal," Editorial, July 7). KURT SIMON Jerusalem Get rid of those knives! Sir, - It is illogical for the police to be allowed to stop drivers at random for tests to see if they have consumed more than the permitted level of alcohol - but not to be allowed to conduct random body searches for dangerous knives ("Ashdod teen stabbed to death in weekend violence," July 5). At present, under the present law against carrying dangerous knives, a policeman is allowed to conduct a body search only • if he is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the knife-carrier is on his way to perpetrate a crime against a citizen, using a knife; • if he has received a search warrant from a judge permitting him to search a particular citizen; • if he is on duty outside a nightclub, bar or place of entertainment. Our legislators must urgently come to the rescue and expand the powers allowed our police in this respect. We must get knives off the street! DAVID GOSHEN Kiryat Ono Hot-tempered, misguided Jews Sir, - Regarding the recent violent Jerusalem protests to "uphold the honor" of the Sabbath, I'd like to state that as a religious Jew, I am diametrically opposed to protesters using violence - in any form - to express their views. Sadly, they are totally misguided and disparage the very ideals they purport to defend. Our Prophets clearly stated (Isaiah 42): "[The ways of the Torah] are pleasant, and all her pathways are peaceful." These agitators have no basis, no recognized rabbinical approval for their despicable behavior and do not represent the authentic Torah community in any way. They should be recognized for what they truly are - irresponsible, hot-tempered individuals venting their anger and frustration. JOEL WEISZ Brooklyn