July 21: Lion king

Thank you Israel, for restoring my faith in you and making me proud once more to be a Jew.

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letters to the editor 88
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Lion king Sir, - For years I would read with sadness, anger and frustration how the jackals of the Middle East would bite and snip at the great lion Israel, and the lion would occasionally roar with anger or give a feigned attack, but never respond in a manner worthy of a king. Now thank God, that mighty lion has roared for the world to hear, and bounced upon its mortal enemies, as becomes the sovereign. Thank you Israel, for restoring my faith in you and making me proud once more to be a Jew ("IAF knocks out missiles capable of reaching TA," July 18). ED GIETL Denver, Colorado Olmert's message Sir, - As the Middle East heats up I was very inspired by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's address to the Knesset Monday ("'Israel will not be held hostage,'" July 18). He was strong, determined and decisive; something I wish we had here. Bush started out that way, but soon flinched in the face of liberal assaults and apologized for his strong words. I don't think Olmert will flinch. As an American of African ancestry with a long military background, I support the IDF completely in this mission and struggle. I only wish I could go and serve with it. My greatest prayer is for peace in the Middle East - but, barring that, the IDF must make the cost of being a terrorist very painful. I have no doubt that will happen because Israel has a right to defend itself with whatever force and means necessary. Olmert sent a clear message to the world. I just pray that Bush doesn't allow leftist liberals to pressure him into backing away from giving full support to our ally in its time of need. JIMMIE L. HOLLIS Millville, New Jersey 'Disproportion' Sir, - I applauded "Give the IDF time" (Editorial, July 17). I am sick and tired of endless admonishing by foreign politicians and parroting media that Israel not act "disproportionately." Here we are again fighting for our survival and the world's leaders chatter about limiting our response. As Napoleon's defeat in Russia and Hitler's at Stalingrad and in the North African Desert showed, wars are not won by "proportionate force." This is as true today as it was when man first lifted a club to defend himself. Given that Israel is by common Arab consensus to be "wiped off the map," we cannot afford anything less than the most disproportionate answer our armed forces can deliver. FRANK J. VAN BERS Moshav Zofit Sir, - In WW2, the German dead totalled 10.82% of the population; the Japanese rate was 3.61%. The UK lost 0.94%, and the US 0.32%. Were the Allied defenders of freedom "disproportionate"? By what moral, military or historical logic is Israel "disproportionate"? Since when is the aggressor entitled to suffer only the same losses as the defender? A just war is not for revenge or reprisal, but to eliminate a deadly threat, in this case to other Arabs and Muslims as well. "Proportionate" casualties are whatever it takes to remove the fanatical jihadi fringe's aggressive capacity for good. TOM CAREW Dublin Motorcycle man Sir, - It is our national character to quickly criticize when we are not happy with a service, so I wish to thank the wee man on the motorcycle who delivers our Jerusalem Post every morning in this time of strife. Please pass on our appreciation of this excellent service. DR. CHARLES & CAROL CAPLAN Nahariya