March 16: Cease Now

Perhaps the media will stop trusting Peace Now when its claims are 85% off from the truth.

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letters to the editor
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Cease Now Sir, - At a time when former residents of Gush Katif are still struggling to rebuild their lives, Peace Now adds insult to injury by spreading false claims of land-grabbing in other territories. Perhaps the media will stop trusting Peace Now when its claims are 85% off from the truth. Hopefully the organization will be pushed to the fringe where Peace Now wishes to cast the pioneers of Yesha ("Peace Now admits it erred on Ma'aleh Adumim land confiscations - by 85.5 percent," March 15). JERRY GLAZER Modi'in Thoughts on the Golan Sir, - I would like to know how the Golan Heights are "essential" to Israel's security and defense, as defined by MK Yisrael Katz ("MK Katz: 'Israel will not retreat from the Golan Heights,'" March 14). From what I have read in numerous scholarly articles, the Heights stopped being a defense line a long time ago. Developments in missile technology make Syria capable of targeting Israel for attacks without requiring control of the Heights. In addition, there are Israeli settlements in the Heights themselves, so in essence they are no longer a line of defense but actually need another protective line of defense. I agree the Heights are still important from a geo-security perspective, and it is in Israel's interest to retain control of them; however they are not as essential as they used to be. ALEX SANCHEZ Rockville, Maryland Council of Moral Decay Sir, - The news that the United Nations Human Rights Council plans to open a permanent file on Israel for violations of international law until she withdraws from "occupied" Palestinian lands to the pre-1967 borders smacks of moral decomposition and hypocrisy. Since its inception the UNHRC has issued only eight resolutions, every one of which was directed against Israel. It has also held three special sessions - all on Israel. With genocide commonplace on the African continent, "honor" killings, sectarian warfare and suicide murder pervading the Middle East, Kim Jong Il maintaining a murderous nuclear dictatorship in North Korea and non-Muslims prohibited from entering the city of Mecca, the council's poisonous obsession with Israel deprives it of all credibility and moral authority ("Human rights Council to open permanent probe against Israel, UN Watch head says," March 13). ALAN B. KATZ Melville, New York Digging each other Sir, - I read your article on the UN finding that the archeological digging near the Temple Mount is doing no damage ("UNESCO: Dig not harming Temple Mount," March 14). I hope that Israel will keep digging, provided that due respect is given to artifacts, be they Jewish or Muslim. Perhaps a worthy discovery would help both religions come to a greater understanding of their common ancestors and common roots. JAMES A. MARPLES Longview, Texas No info today Sir, - Re the BBC and the Mughrabi Gate ("UNESCO's findings," Letters, March 15) I tried to obtain the BBC's archival material on the subject and - surprise, surprise, it could not be accessed. Some story about testing a new archive search process. Talk about CYA! HARVEY LITHWICK Metar