March 24: Everlasting peace

Don't the members of Gush Shalom and other self-hating Jews realize that the peace the Arabs wish for Israel is the rest-in-peace kind?

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Everlasting peace Sir, - Interestingly, the same day you ran an article by Isi Liebler ("Jews against Zion," March 21) which discussed the danger of self-hating Jews "who dedicate themselves to delegitimizing and demonizing Israel," your front page carried a paid ad from Gush Shalom "saluting" the establishment of the "Palestinian unity government" and criticizing Israel. Don't the members of Gush Shalom and other self-hating Jews realize that the peace the Arabs wish for Israel is the rest-in-peace kind? ABRAHAM GOLDREICH Jerusalem Where's the decency? Sir, - To my utter dismay at the corruption that has begun to permeate our national political atmosphere, I am compelled to add my sense of profound shame at the callous disregard of the plight of the several hundreds of workers who have not received their salaries for the past three years. In addition to being a gross violation of Torah law, it does violence to any standard of decency and morality. Any delay in the payment of the full sums owed to these people deserves the fullest condemnation by all segments of our polity, irrespective of right or left in political or religious orientation. We must not permit this stain to spread and further blemish the fabric of our society ("Pay workers, stop strikes," Editorial, March 22). ZEV CHAMUDOT Petah Tikva Protective Golan Sir, - Your reader wonders if it is essential to keep the Golan Heights from a geo-security perspective, and questions whether, in this day and age of ballistic missiles, the Heights can be considered a line of defense ("Thoughts on the Golan," March 16). He is correct in noting that the Golan does not protect Israel from Scud-B and -C missiles launched from deep within Syria. However, the Golan serves as a valuable buffer against Syria's growing arsenal of short-range rockets, many of which were supplied by Syria to Hizbullah last summer. Were Israel to retreat from the Golan, it would in a short time be turned into a launching area for short-range rockets, in the very same way Ashkelon is today being targeted by Kassam missiles launched from the former Jewish towns of Dugit and Elei Sinai. ARI SACHER Moreshet Boring's better Sir, - Praise for Shmuley Boteach's "What are universities for?" (March 19). As a person who grew up without advice on sexual behavior, I carry scars. If segregation is boring, depravity is worse. SAMUA DE BRITO PAIVA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ad-lib? Sir, - Complaining about ads in the paper is delicate. A paper needs ads to survive, and the editorial content is already attacked without mercy. But this week you ran - twice - an ad for a new car that left most of two whole pages white. It draws attention, yes, but feels immoral, even if most newsprint comes from recycling. You may find that readers do not relish such ads. M.M. VAN ZUIDEN Jerusalem