May 17: Our kind of town

Many wonderful people do so much volunteer work in different spheres to help people less fortunate than themselves.

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letters to the editor 88
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Our kind of town Sir, - Your article "Young residents continuing to flee capital" (May 15) provoked much positive discussion in our Melabev club for senior citizens. We came up with many good reasons that make Jerusalem such an amazing city to live in. Here are some of them: Historical sites, the Western Wall, the City of David, Israel Museum, beautiful art, Mount Herzl, Yad Vashem, archeological sites, the Knesset, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, sports facilities, beautiful kosher hotels, kosher coffeehouses, kosher restaurants, the Botanical Gardens, free concerts on Mondays, the wonderful atmosphere on Shabbat and holidays and the many, many wonderful people who do so much volunteer work in so many different spheres to help people less fortunate than themselves. We all feel very blessed to be able to live in such a magnificent city. Jerusalem is our home. THE MEMBERS OF THE BEIT HAKEREM MELABEV CLUB Jerusalem Not ready for state Sir, - Little has changed since Lawrence of Arabia struggled to unite warring bands (today's militias) in the struggle against the Turks ("At least 15 killed during factional fighting," May 16). The unity did not last too long. These constant clashes in Gaza with the tragic loss of life point only to one major problem: The people of the Palestinian Authority are not candidates for statehood at this time and should seek a confederation with one of the Arab states in the region to assist them to create the internal security they desperately need and to bring some kind of normality to their lives. Possibly after a generation or two, when calm returns and life becomes livable, thoughts can turn to an independent region which could mature into a state alongside Israel. DAVID GOSHEN Kiryat Ono New resource Sir, - As June 5 approaches, anti-Israel groups and much of the media in the UK and Europe look like they will be putting the stress on "occupation." No one under 55 remembers, and most others have forgotten, that Israel did not choose to go to war in 1967, and did not fight in order to gain territory. A Web site has been set up by a group of volunteers in the UK We have no connection to any organization. We have aimed to show the background to the war, the underlying and immediate causes and have taken information from people involved and from reports, maps and photos of the time. The Web site is now probably the biggest on-line resource on the Six Day War and we hope it will be helpful for journalists, students, historians or anyone interested in researching the event. Additional information or personal stories can be sent to for Terry Mendoza, Web site coordinator. RONA HART Southend, Essex Too much traffic Sir,- If I forget thee O Jerusalem... This has been my guiding motto as long as I can remember. That is why we immigrated to Jerusalem with three little children and one in the making in 1962. We lived in Jerusalem for more than 40 years. When I visited recently, I was shocked to find Jerusalem has become one big traffic jam. The taxi driver confirmed that this is so every day. Can something be done to restore this beautiful city to somewhere near its former charm? DR. SUSI R. LEVENE Rehovot