November 14: Hit them back...

Has it come to the point where Israel is so concerned about international diplomacy that it has to seek approval from abroad before taking measures to protect it citizenry?

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Hit them back...
Sir, – With regard to “Israel considering military response to continuing barrage of Gaza rockets” (November 13), what has become of Israel, the Sparta of the Middle East? King Leonidas, hero of Thermopylae, must be spinning in his grave.
In the United States, if rockets and mortar shells were raining down on southern Texas communities from northern Mexico, the US Air Force would not be directed to pinpoint targets – its orders would be to provide air cover for a massive infantry and armored ground invasion of Mexican territory.
Has it come to the point where Israel is so concerned about international diplomacy that it has to seek approval from abroad before taking measures to protect it citizenry?
MITCHELL RADOVAshdot Ya’acov Meuhad
Sir, – It seems to me that anyone with a high school diploma would have better ways to deal with Hamas than do our leaders.
I have a high school diploma, so I’ll start.
What about destroying several gas stations in Gaza after every day of rockets? If the rockets continue, not a gas station would be left standing. And every other day our planes would destroy one of the beautiful shopping malls there. (Of course, all this would be done at 2 a.m. to avoid harming the innocent.) Other high school graduates are invited to help our flabbergasted leaders.
Sir, – The description by President Shimon Peres of the dozens of rockets launched at Israel from Gaza as “idiotic” (“In interview with ‘Post,’ Peres slams ‘idiotic shooting’ by Gazan terrorists,” November 12) is an affront to our fellow citizens who live in danger.
There is a purpose in the shooting – it is to destroy Israel. Therefore, those who aim the rockets and those who support them are our enemies.
Peres, who, for most of his life has been a sheltered professional politician, evidently has not learned that in a conflict, peace comes only after victory.
...and when we do
Sir, – Sooner or later – probably sooner – the IDF will be forced to enter Gaza.
The previous incursion was named Operation Cast Lead. Such names as Cast Lead or Iron Fist are extremely harsh and bring to mind an attack by brutal, tough, heavy-booted stormtroopers. Over the past few years the name Cast Lead has been repeated tens of thousands of times on TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines, and in the Goldstone Report.
I recommend that the next incursion be named Stop the Rockets. This name is descriptive and the exact purpose of the operation. Also, it sounds much more sympathetic and would help gain the support of the civilized world. Imagine the beneficial effect to us of operational names such as “Stop the Rockets” or “Protect our Children” resonating in the world media.
I can only hope that the person responsible for assigning code names to military operations will note this letter.
I. SRUL ZUNDERRamat Hasharon
We’re busy, too
Sir, – Thomas L. Friedman’s “My president is busy” (Comment & Features, November 12) is as mean-spirited a column as I have read.
First, Barack Obama is my president, just as he is to all American citizens, no matter where they live. He is not the exclusive possession of Friedman.
Second, what makes Friedman think he, more than its democratically elected parliamentarians, knows what is best for Israel? Israel has many enemies and few friends. I stand proudly as one of its defenders, whereas, judging from his column, it’s obvious that Friedman stands among its enemies.
Israel is busy, too, Mr. Friedman.
Yes, it’s busy trying to survive while being constantly threatened by neighbors that aim to destroy it.
America still believes (no matter who its president is) in justice, freedom and democracy, just as the founding fathers did.
Therefore, America will stand by Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, as it has always done.
Sir, – Thomas L. Friedman writes that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he was willing to drop his demand for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel and goes on to blame Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for scoffing at this. What Friedman did not write was that the day after, Abbas backtracked and stated that he never said such a thing.
So who was scoffing? For his journalistic dishonesty, Friedman deserves to be ignored by The Jerusalem Post and any other publication that chooses honesty over deceit.
‘Witchifying’ words
Sir, – In response to “Holon hospital denounces home birth that almost killed baby” (November 9), the Israeli Movement for Freedom of Choice at Childbirth says “enough” to the disrespect for women and their ability to choose.
The article featured an unfounded critique of home birth and choices made by parents.
The demagoguery of the representatives of Wolfson Medical Center planted fear and might limit Israeli parents’ freedom of choice.
According to the midwife’s report and the parents, and in contradiction to the statements released by Wolfson, the baby arrived at the hospital already breathing and in stable condition, and was hospitalized for observation only.
We commend the hospital for its effective continued care of the baby, but wonder why its director-general, Dr. Yitzhak Berlovich, chose to define normal and effective care in birth as an anomalous event in a way that encourages fear. We severely condemn the persecution and “witchifying” of women who give birth at home, and of their midwives.
According to the Cochrane Collaboration, thought to be a most reliable source and a partner of the World Health Organization: “All countries should consider establishing home birth services with collaborative medical back up and offer low-risk pregnant women information about the available evidence and the possible choices” (“Planned hospital birth versus planned home birth,” Olsen and Clausen, Cochrane Library, 2012).
International studies have shown unequivocally that home births, attended by skilled midwives, are just as safe and even healthier than hospital births.
Parents who choose home birth reach that decision from a place of deep consideration and responsibility, knowing it is possible make use of the medical system if there are signs it is needed. Statistically, planned home births end just as safely and with fewer cesarean sections and complications.
Cooperation and good communication between hospital staff and home birth midwives are paramount for safety, and therefore are vital to the welfare of babies and mothers.
The writer is a founder of the Israeli Movement for Freedom of Choice at Childbirth.
Full of shame
Sir, – Regarding “A time for courage and action” by Caroline. B. Glick (Column One, November 9), instead of a word of congratulations and good wishes for newly reelected US President Barack Obama, who faces the daunting issues of his country, we are presented with a supercilious, arrogant and insulting article of hate.
As a longstanding subscriber to The Jerusalem Post, I was ashamed to read it, and I am ashamed that you thought it fit to print.