September 1: Reckless Chavez

By meeting with the Syrian dictator, Chavez proved that he is bent on courting rogue regimes.

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letters to the editor
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Reckless Chavez Sir, - To my op-ed which is being published in today's Jerusalem Post UpFront magazine I would like to add an update following the encounter on Wednesday between Venezuelan President Chavez and Syrian President Assad. By meeting with the Syrian dictator President Chavez demonstrated that he is bent on pursuing a policy of courting rogue regimes responsible for misery and bloodshed. This reckless alliance with international terrorists cannot but compromise his aspirations to bring about a genuine social revolution in Latin America. At the end of the day, even his own continent will come to the conclusion that Hugo Chavez is someone unworthy of leadership. RABBI ISRAEL SINGER Chairman, Policy Council World Jewish Congress New York Power struggle Sir, - I don't think Evelyn Gordon went far enough in "Kicking the global habit" (August 24). As she pointed out, we are living in a world in which the forces of darkness control the sources of light and power. The main exporters of Islamic fundamentalism are Iran and Saudi Arabia, the main producers and exporters of oil. Indeed, the recent steep rise in the price of oil - which just a few years ago was selling for $20-30 per barrel, and is now going for $70-75 per barrel - means that every time you or I drive about 15 miles we are donating a dollar toward our own destruction. And because of our addiction to this oil we cannot call the exporters to account as we need them more than they need us. It is very much a seller's market, and with the gush of dollars the sellers can afford to bribe and buy the loyalty of universities, TV networks, newspapers, politicians and social leaders. To make it even worse, many of our policymakers, and lay leaders, are themselves investors in oil and earn a good living from the high price it now fetches. The way out - bypassing oil as the major producer of power - requires great fortitude, courage and even sacrifice by leaders of the free world. The West, and especially the US and Japan, must immediately invest in the technology to bring the engine powered by hydrogen fuel into common use - either by itself or as a hybrid, supplementing hydrogen with oil. Power stations must be made over to use hydrogen fuel - incidentally much cleaner than anything derived from oil or gas. I am convinced that as soon as serious research is started on the hydrogen project the price of oil will plummet to try and discourage this work. But it must proceed to the point where tinpot Middle Eastern mullahs can no longer hold the world to ransom, but beg us to buy their oil at giveaway prices. A. BROCH Shadmot Mehola See you there! Sir, - There must be many Post readers who have connections with the Jewish communities that used to exist in the North-East of England (only Gateshead and Newcastle are still viable). A "Great North Eastern Reunion" dinner will take place on Sunday night, October 15, at Kfar Hamaccabiah, Ramat Gan. Those interested please call David (02) 563-8486, Esther (09) 774-6129, Hasja (04) 825-7805 or Ruth (03) 571-3454. RUTH & YITZ GREENWALD Givatayim