March 20, 2019: Chelsea Clinton confronted

Kol hakavod to Chelsea Clinton for her brave stand against hatred in the social media.

Letters (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)
Chelsea Clinton confronted
Regarding “Students at vigil tell Chelsea Clinton she’s cause of NZ mosque attack” (March 18), Clinton’s response to protesters charging her with responsibility for the New Zealand mosque massacre was disgusting. Instead of apologizing for hurting their feelings by objecting to antisemitism, she should have turned the accusation back on the protesters. She could have pointed out that these protesters are people a lot like the New Zealand shooter. They believe that anyone who disagrees with an opinion of theirs, no matter how respectfully, is the source of all evil. Since people who don’t agree with them are by definition evil, of course you should kill them.
Kol hakavod to Chelsea Clinton for her brave stand against hatred in the social media. Her timid response when put on the spot physically by an accusatory mob that accosted, cornered and frightened her was regrettable, but understandable under the circumstances.
Given the hostile climate on many US campuses, I admire anyone with the courage to go against the current and speak out for what is right and true in the face of the lies, distortions and double standards of the vocal and brutal anti-Israel crowd.
Rishon Lezion
Who can and can’t run
Regarding “High Court bars Ben-Ari, all Arab parties eligible,” March 18), our esteemed legal experts thought it only right to bar from running in the upcoming elections Otzma Yehudit’s Dr. Michael Ben Ari, an upstanding law-abiding religious Jew who had the temerity to say Jews should not allow themselves to be slaughtered by our enemies – to not only defend themselves, which their government chooses not to do, but to go on the offensive if necessary.
If your enemy comes to kill you, don’t be an idiot and just stand there, but go for him/her first. This makes sense to me but not to the members of the High Court. They have taken upon themselves the right to bar a Jew whose crime is opposition to the murder of Jews by enemies living and prospering in the Jewish land. The self-appointed guardians of, as it happens, the enemy, supported the right of the Arab terrorist parties to run in the Knesset even though they call for and actively support our destruction.
The system is corrupt and perverted – all the way up to a prime minister who makes concessions and supports restraint against terrorists at the cost of IDF and civilian lives.
You report that “Ben-Ari’s disqualification... taken together with the court allowing Hadash candidate Ofer Kassif, who is an open anti-Zionist, and UAL-Balad, whose candidates have repeatedly sided with terrorist groups against Israel… plays into the Likud positioning itself as the victim of the elites and [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, positioning himself as the victim of legal authorities.”
As you reported previously, “Professor Alan Dershowitz… said that an indictment against the prime minister would threaten the democratic process.”
This follows the ruling by the State Comptroller committee that Netanyahu must return $300,000 in donations for his legal defense to cousin and “cannot receive donations from tycoons to fight the public corruption charges against him.”
If he were really guilty of widespread bribe-taking, he would not need financial assistance. It appears that the purpose of this ban is to force him to “admit his guilt” in a “plea bargain” because he can’t afford the legal expenses to prove his innocence.
Apparently, the old “Mapai ascendancy” has never forgiven the voters for electing first Menachem Begin and later Netanyahu and is trying to use its residual powers in the courts and media to subvert democracy before these last bastions also fall to the despised electorate.
Perhaps Dershowitz could offer his services on a “no win no fee” basis, which, if also barred, would confirm this travesty of justice.
Hopefully, the electorate will then use the ballot box to show that in a democracy, it is the will of the people and not a self-appointed oligarchy that counts.
Salford, England
As we find ourselves in the midst of Israel’s election season, it is a good time to recall the American comedian, Will Rogers, who had a weekly radio program in the 1930s that was considered to be the funniest on the radio.  One of his friends asked him where he got all his jokes. He replied that he didn’t know any jokes – all he did was go on the radio and read from the newspapers what the politicians have been saying for the past week.
Israel’s got your back
Regarding “Israel’s aid to world on display at UN” (March 19), it is a source of pride that Israel helps nations worldwide to cope with catastrophic events. When disaster strikes, Israel will be among the first on the scene with humanitarian aid and cutting-edge technology that saves thousands of lives and alleviates suffering.
Although I doubt that this display at the United Nations will have any meaningful impact on poisoned minds of the many diplomats there who instinctively hate and condemn the tiny Jewish state, I congratulate UN Ambassador Danny Danon for his excellent work defending Israel day in and day out in the halls of that hostile institution.
Meal quality up in the air
Regarding “Food on the Fly” (March 17), my wife and I just returned from a trip to Miami this past week and was I surprised! The new Boeing 787 is a great plane and has luxuries that far surpass the older planes. We flew Premium Plus, which provided much improved comfort. The flight was very comfortable, considering the 13 hours to get to Miami and 11½ hours back.
But the most amazing thing I encountered were the meals served. Options were plentiful and my wife and I exchanged bites of food from the meals we selected. The food was first class!
I was very impressed. I hope that this new page in airline service is here to stay.
Ma’aleh Adumim
My husband and I have just returned from an El Al flight from Miami. After reading the article about the gourmet food that El Al passengers on Business Class flights will be getting, I would like to comment on the food that we received on the Tourist Class flight.
The food on the flight was inedible. Thank goodness that sandwiches were served during the flight from the kitchen – if you happened to know it was available.
Killer on the loose
Regarding “Manhunt continues after West Bank shooting spree” (March 18), with the terrorist on the loose who killed 19-year-old Sgt. Gal Keidan and Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger at Ariel Junction Sunday morning, a difficult question arises.
Standing next to Keidan when he was stabbed were soldiers who failed to stop the attack. It seems they were unprepared for the situation. Their training as artillery soldiers may need to be expanded. Shouldn’t all soldiers who are given a gun to carry know how to respond rapidly to terrorists near them? We are in a different world now. The home front is the front line. Civilians and urban areas are part of the battleground.
Of course an investigation is critical and assessment of situations like these need to be analyzed carefully. I pray the prime minister/defense minister) and chief of staff take a fresh look at the preparedness of our soldiers for our new reality.