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Women, LGBTQ organizations protest extremist parties as Knesset swears in

Protests took place as the Knesset was sworn in and were joined by various human rights NGOs also demanding that the government not be formed with parties such as Noam and Otzma Yehudit.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses his supporters on the night of the Israeli elections, at

Netanyahu brought the political dilemma on himself - analysis

The apparent political mistakes Netanyahu has made have put his career in jeopardy. The following five blunders could have easily been avoided.


Israeli society needs to draw a redline on political extremists

Can you imagine Itamar Ben-Gvir serving as chairman of the Knesset Judiciary Committee? Or as education minister?


Itamar Ben-Gvir can only hurt Israel’s standing in the world - analysis

Ben-Gvir is a former member of the Kach movement, designated as a terror group, and had a picture of Baruch Goldstein hanging in his living room.

Israel Elections: What does Religious Zionist win mean for progressives?

The list's policies and statements on a number of issues could impact a variety of sectors in Israel, including women, Arab-Israelis, LGBTQ+ people and secular Israelis at large.

Rabbi Haim Druckman

Rabbi Druckman, senior rabbis endorse Smotrich and Ben-Gvir

Mainstream Rabbi Druckman backs Religious Zionist Party, a union of the hardline National Union and ultra-nationalist, Kahanist Otzma Yehudit, but excludes the religious-Zionist party Bayit Yehudi

Meretz is hoping its new campaign ad is the cat’s meow

In another attention-getting move, Meretz got more than 80 users of the Tinder dating site to change their profiles to a Meretz slogan: “Meretz, it’s not just a one-night stand.”

Illustration of  voting notes in the Israeli general elections on March 02, 2020.

Central Elections Committee votes to stop Labor candidate from running

The Supreme Court is likely to overturn the decision.


PM’s opening door to Ben-Gvir will hurt later in DC - analysis

If Netanyahu wins the elections on March 23, his role in bringing about the merger involving Ben-Gvir is sure to dog him going forward with some of those Democrats calling the shots in Washington.


Israel Elections: Gideon Sa'ar blasts Netanyahu for Ben-Gvir deal

Sa'ar said signing the deal shows that Netanyahu "lost his shame and his conscience."

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