May 18, 2020: Blame Canada

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
 Blame Canada
Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s open letter/appeal to Ambassador David Friedman (“Mr. Friedman, learn and practice Canadian values,” May 15) is either disingenuous or an exhibition of woeful ignorance of the realities of the scene she left for a more idyllic life in Toronto, Canada more than a decade ago.
Ambassador Friedman was spot-on when advocating a Palestinian state that would put into practice the very lofty ideals she describes for promoting freedom, inclusion, acceptance, equality, etc. Sadly, we are confronted with a Palestinian entity that incentivizes murder of Jews (pay-for-slay), incites its youngest through indoctrinating school textbooks, denies the Jewish people their God-given rights to their indigenous homeland, praises mothers who express pride in giving birth to sons who cowardly murder innocent Jewish children and teens, and the list goes on.
The proper address for her preachment would be Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh and their cohorts.

Izzeldin Abuelaish, a Palestinian living in Toronto Canada, pontificates about the human and moral values of Canada and compares to the lack of such in the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, who she glorifies as a wonderful peace-loving people.
This comes rather ironically on the multiple stabbings of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists in the past few days – putting to rest the notion that the Israeli aid to the Palestinians to combat the coronavirus would somehow be appreciated.
Canada is indeed a great country but it shouldn’t be compared to Israel. Israel has a population density of 393 people per square kilometer; Canada has 3.76 – more than a hundred times less. Canada has a single border with the USA and is not in danger of being overrun by the American army; no rockets fired from Boston are fired routinely at Ottawa. No one within Canada’s borders has been threatening for centuries to kill Canadians and throw them into the sea and Canada is not surrounded by enemy countries promising to obliterate it.
If ever there was or there will be a chance for peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinians, the hate and rancor like that which Abuelaish foments will put an end to it. And he calls himself an inspirational peace activist! Rather the opposite.
I suggest that this article in its entirety be addressed to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas or to Hamas – to learn and practice Canadian values.
Most poignant was “the eyes of innocent children and their belief in their right to live in peace.” Are Palestinian children here being taught that or are they being incited to jihad? I am sure that children in Canada are not being trained to fly kites with incendiary devices and colorful balloons are not weaponized to wreak destruction.
Petah Tikva

Flight of no fancy
Regarding “Come fly with me... but don’t forget your masks” (May 15) – not if I can help it!
Prior to COVID 19, global travel was a necessity for me. The measures mentioned in this article are a nail in the coffin for many travelers. I doubt whether “desperados,” business or otherwise, will choose to fly unless absolutely vital. If the emphasis is on “passenger safety,” but what about “passenger comfort?”
Comfort is also safety! “Rule makers” clearly missed that one – ignored it without a mention. With passengers compulsorily “muzzled” with the ridiculous surgical face masks and valveless alternatives in flight and on the ground, this will cause additional hazards, like misting up of glasses, to name one. In addition, masks are extremely uncomfortable worn for any length of time. This only serves to highlight ridiculous rules with no thought given in the making. Then there is the matter of eating and drinking...
It is hard to imagine that many airlines, including El Al, will be able to fly without perpetual government subsidies under these conditions. We are all likely to become so “sanitized” that we will be incapable of fighting the slightest infection anytime anywhere.
Seven irrelevant reasons
In “Seven reasons for not annexing W. Bank territories” (May 12) Elie Podeh presents seven reasons why application of sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and sections of Judea and Samaria would be wrong. While the arguments may raise some concern if sovereignty is enacted, they are certainly highly debatable. But the more important point that the author failed to address is the question of whose land is he talking about, because an answer to this question would determine the relevance of the author’s thesis.
How can this question be answered? I suggest three criteria: 1) biblical, 2) historical, and 3) strategic/military.
• On a biblical basis, the Torah clearly identifies the land as one promised to the Jews and I could not identify anywhere in the Torah where the “Green Line” was mentioned.
• Historically, the Tanach, supported by extensive archeological evidence, describes Jewish life over many centuries throughout the land of Israel. In contrast, there is no historical evidence of “Palestinian” life in the Tanach. The Philistines, who are not related to the Arabs presently living in Judea and Samaria, were exiled with the Jews to Babylonia at the time of the destruction of the first Temple, were assimilated into Babylonian society and never returned to Israel.
• Finally, the land in question, which had a Jewish presence until 1948 when the Jews were expelled by the Jordanians, was reunited with Israel in 1967 in a defensive war. Since many national boundaries have been determined on the basis of war, including in the modern period (e.g., Poland absorbed East Silesia from Germany, the Ukraine absorbed territory from Poland, the southwest of the United States was incorporated from Mexico as just a few examples), it is entirely consistent for Israel to view the lands in question in the same manner. Equally important, the land is crucial for Israel’s security and can never be turned over to a hostile population.
 Collectively, sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria would be in Israel’s best interests since it is logical, appropriate and correct. The arguments presented by Podeh are simply not relevant.
Unmasking violators
As the temperature went down late Saturday afternoon, I took a walk around my neighborhood. It was fantastic. Life seemed back to normal.
I could see people’s faces, because hardly anyone wore a mask – and most of those who did have a mask wore them around their necks. Lots of people were enjoying gathering together with their friends, and there were no police telling them to put on masks and distance themselves.
Of course, if that doesn’t change, the infection rates will zoom back up, we’ll be back to closed businesses, lockdowns and more people losing their jobs. And more people dying.
Just a stone’s throw
Regarding “‘I have nothing else, he was my whole world’” (May 13), in memorializing Sergeant First Class Amit Ben Yigal, who was murdered by Palestinian Arabs throwing rocks and stones, Jews must not forget the perverse romanticizing by the liberal media and academia of Palestinian Arabs who throw stones and rocks to murder Jews (a small sample of Jews similarly murdered by Palestinian Arab rock and stone throwing include five-month old Yehuda Shoham, three-year-old Adele Biton, one-year-old Yonatan Palmer and his father Asher Palmer).
On August 4, 2013, a New York Times headline called Palestinian Arab rock throwing that murders Jews a “hobby.” Then there is the oft published infamous photograph of far-left antisemitic icon Edward Said throwing rocks.
As long as the liberal media and academia romanticize Palestinian Arab rock and stone throwing that kills Jews, they are in effect romanticizing all killing of Jews.
Margate, Florida
One additional word about Jewish military casualties in World War II (“Why does Israel celebrate only veterans from the former Soviet Union for fighting in WWII?” May 10). There were one and a half million Jewish servicemen and women fighting on the Allied side during World War II, including the Palestinian Jewish Brigade. Among them were an estimated quarter of a million casualties.
I don’t think it is relevant to try to compare the heroism of each individual country. Nor do I think it necessary as a recent letter-writer averred, to try to justify honoring any particular group at any time. Their total contribution and sacrifice was across the board and helped to ensure the freedom of the nations of the world. Let us honor them all together, as they truly deserve.

Beit Shemesh
China syndrome
Regarding “Israel caught in the middle of growing US-China tensions” (May 13), this issue is a no-brainer. Israel should not be caught in the middle but should stand side by side with the US against a tyrannical lying communist regime.
China reputedly has caused the deaths of thousands of people around the globe, including over 250 Israelis, untold mental anguish, family heartbreak and economic damage to millions of people. China and its Communist Party must pay a price.
As reported in a Fox Nation study and broadcast recently on Fox News Channel, China has a hidden long-term agenda in agreeing to mutual investments with countries around the world, especially building in ports such as Haifa, for which there is no reason for access by the Chinese Navy. It was an extremely scary scenario, highlighting the covert intentions of such Chinese companies as Huawei, mentioned in the Post article.
Israel must immediately cancel all agreements with China. China is an anathema to all values held dear by both Israel and the United States.
 Ganei Modi’in

Consistently inconsistent
Regarding “Borrell: EU will work to ‘discourage’ Israeli West Bank annexation steps” (May 15),
Sally: Have you heard? The EU is threatening to take action against countries taking territory by force.
George: It about time. We can’t just let Russia annex Crimea and invade Ukraine with impunity. After all Ukraine is part of the EU.
Sally: It’s not about Russia.
George: Well then, it’s about time that the EU does something about China’s takeover of Tibet and Taiwan. The Dalai Lama will be delighted.
Sally: Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not about China. Who cares about Tibet or the Dalai Lama?
George: The EU is insisting that Britain return the Falkland Islands to Argentina? This will screw up Brexit negotiations.
Sally: Absolutely not. The EU is not that stupid. Expediency always comes before principles in Brussels. One has to be practical, you know.
George: I get it. It must be about the Iranians. They have effectively taken over Lebanon and are destabilizing Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Sally: You have no idea about how the world works. The EU is lining up to get billions of euros of business in Iran as soon as the Americans lift sanctions. Why antagonize the mullahs in Tehran?
George: Well if it’s something in the Middle East, it must be that the EU is insisting that Turkey remove its forces from Syria and Cyprus.
Sally: Are you serious? The EU can’t antagonize Turkey or it will open the gates for millions of Syrians refugees to stream into EU countries. Who wants millions of refugees?
George: So what is the EU so concerned about?
Sally: It’s about Israel applying sovereignty – having defensible borders and exercising their indigenous rights over areas where Jews live in the biblical land of Israel.
George: Really! No wonder the EU is so upset.
‘Jerusalem Post’ postscript
When someone is relieved of this mortal coil, their family is required to tend to an assortment of technical chores, such as disconnecting the Internet or canceling water and electricity bills.
These tasks are outside the realm of sentiment; they must be done, and be done with.
But we, the children of Naftali (Kurt) and Rita Wertheim, have discovered that canceling our parents’ Jerusalem Post subscription, which they have had since 1952 when they made aliyah from England, is a matter of sorrow and pain. This termination signals the end of an era, the summary of a generation of parents and founders.
Our parents were Kibbutz Tirat Zvi haverim since the day they arrived, 68 years ago. Our father passed away three years ago; our mother passed last week.
The Post was, for decades, a part of their world and their highly regimented daily agenda. They always noted its balanced and well-written style, avoidance of yellow tabloid, with compelling views on the world in general, and not just about our modest nation.
Our dad never went to bed before having completed the entire crossword – the one with the hardest definitions – and our mother read your paper literally to her last day.
For many years, after another long day’s work under the scorching Beit She’an Valley sun, and after completing the challenges our pioneering parents undertook to build their community, they always knew that their afternoon would be spent comfortably with coffee, cake and their favorite gazette.
Our parents taught us to say “thank you,” and, in their name, we would like to thank all of those journalists and writers, editors and support staff who filled the pages of this newspaper with good journalism for decades. Our parents enjoyed the Post very much.
May this veteran newspaper be filled with a lot of good news long into the future.
With heartfelt gratitude to all of you, from the children of the late Rita and Naftali Wertheim, may they rest in peace.
The Scheinberg Relief Fund was established by Mark Scheinberg and his family in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to support organizations and initiatives that are tackling the direct impact of the virus on vulnerable individuals and the societies they live in, and not as reported in Sunday’s paper, Page 12.

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