November 13, 2019: It’s not rocket science

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Letters (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)
It’s not rocket science
Regarding “Several Israelis injured as rockets pound Jewish state” (, November 12), It is incumbent upon us to analyze and learn from what just happened and to decide where we go from here.
1) We assassinated a dangerous enemy whose life was dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State. 2) We did so in a limited, precision attack that did not endanger the civilian population. 3) In retaliation, our enemy launched a prolonged barrage of missiles specifically intended to terrorize and harm our civilian population. 4) We shut down all of our schools and places of business because of this barrage. 5) Our enemies have hundreds of thousands of missiles.
What are we to do?
Since we cannot shut down our schools and businesses every Tuesday and Thursday and do not have the luxury to make unlimited precision attacks, we must consider destroying our enemies’ hundreds of thousands of missiles in carpet bombings reminiscent of Dresden in World War II – the sooner the better.
Was the German civilian population harmed In Dresden? Of course it was. Such is the nature of war, and make no mistake about it we are at war – an existential one at that. Better to harm our enemy’s civilian population, than to allow our enemies to harm ours. Each day we procrastinate the situation becomes more untenable and dangerous.
Those of our leaders, political as well as military, who believe in the so-called “purity of arms” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and thus favor precision bombings only, are leading us back to the gates of Auschwitz.
Kfar Saba
In all of World War II, the Nazis fired some 3,000 V-2 rockets at British civilian areas and other Allied targets, causing significant property and psychological damage and casualties.
With much the same intent, Gazans have fired more than 50 rockets at Israel so far this week, more than 700 rockets this year, more than 1,000 last year (2018) and more than 10,000 since 2001. Gaza’s current arsenal is estimated at more than 20,000 rockets, and significant resources are being invested to ensure that the destructive power and accuracy of the rockets is continually improving. Apparently, the Gazans have no compunction about firing rockets at Israel, and feel free to use them, as reaction from world leaders to this Nazi-like war crime against Jews, rather than moral outrage, seems to be little more than a collective yawn of deafening silence.
Hopefully, Israel and the US can mobilize moderate democracies at the UN to speak out and take action.
 Since Gaza has a closed border with Egypt, it is time we were told how the raw materials for the explosive charge, propellant and casing material for rockets, enter into Gaza other than through Israel.
It appears as if such material emanates either directly from Israel or is trans-shipped from Israeli ports in containers without 100% physical inspection.
In a similar vein, one must ask how the liquid helium used for the balloons carrying incendiary devices enters into Gaza. The literature for MRI scanners shows that only minute quantities are required to maintain those systems fully charged. Has Israel been negligent in permitting these large quantities of this liquid gas to enter Gaza in the guise of humanitarian aid?
COGAT needs to provide a full explanation how materials slip through the inspection system. It is time to stop shooting ourselves in the foot!
President Bernie and Israel?
Regarding “What would a Sanders presidency mean for Israel?” (November 8), one recalls that in 2016 Bernie Sanders falsely accused Israel of killing “over 10,000 innocent” Gazans in the 2014 war. Not to be outdone, Ilhan Omar recently launched a ridiculous false accusation of her own – that the USA killed “hundreds of millions” of native Americans.
No wonder she supports him for president – they are two of a feather.
When pressed, they and others like them may apologize for getting their facts so outrageously wrong, but they cannot disguise the ill-will and prejudice that give rise to such ridiculously inflated statistics. The public relations damage caused by their bias is significant.
As schools, businesses and transportation here in Israel are shut down this week due to the scores of lethal terror rockets from Gaza that are pounding civilian areas, causing injuries and damage throughout the South and Center, Sanders’s ominous call to redirect defense aid from Israel to Gaza gives a chilling indication of what a Sanders presidency could mean for the tiny beleaguered Jewish state.
Tel Aviv
What would a Sanders presidency mean for Israel? It would be worse than Obama – much worse.
Labels: Fight EU untruth with truth
Regarding “Blow to Israel as European court rules settler products need labeling” (, November 12), for too long our country has failed to respond to the EU’s repeated efforts to interfere with Israeli sovereignty. The government’s response to any labeling of products from Judea and Samaria with the EU’s inaccurate political labels should be short, swift and truthful.
Any product manufactured in the EU and sold in Israel, including cars, should be required to have a sticker stating the following: “This product was produced in a continent that murdered six million Jews between 1939 and 1945.”
‘Island of Hostility’
The dismantling of the “Island of Peace” in Naharayim with its “promises for peace” (“Jordan celebrates as Israel leaves Naharayim,” November 11) brings to mind the time in 1997 when the area was anything but peaceful. Seven young girls, on a class trip from the Amit Fuerst high school in Beit Shemesh were killed by a Jordanian soldier as they disembarked their school bus on what was to have been a day outing on this island of peace.
Shock reverberated throughout Israel and the world. It led to Jordan’s King Hussein, who apologized for what he proclaimed to have been a soldier’s mistake, coming on an unprecedented personal visit to Beit Shemesh to pay condolence calls to the bereaved families. His gesture was taken as a sign of hope for the development of peaceful relations between the two countries and was signaled as a condolence by a grieving populace.
It is especially sad today to see the termination not only of the original agreement but of the hopes that it once engendered.
Beit Shemesh
Not loving Liberman
I found it quite amazing to read your editorial praising Avigdor Liberman (“Liberman’s ultimatum,” November 12), which ended with the words ”the Yisrael Beytenu leader’s plan seems to be the logical and plausible route to take to get the government and country back on track.”
It is precisely because of Liberman’s machinations and “my way or the highway” attitude that we are where we are at this point in time.
It was Liberman who brazenly lied to President Reuven Rivlin after the first round of elections when he said that he would support Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister and in establishing a new coalition. It was his obstinance and unwillingness to compromise that brought about the need for a second round of elections.
It now looks like we’ll be heading for a third round thanks to the very same Avigdor Liberman and his egomaniacal desire to play kingmaker.
I find nothing praiseworthy about this.
‘Corpocratic’ political reality
Regarding “Bloomberg lays groundwork for leap into 2020 race” (November 10), the US political party situation is (like here in Canada) fast becoming what I call a corpocracy, as perhaps in part evidenced by leaders who are big businessmen.
I view corpocratic rule as that in which the two established conservative and neo-liberal parties more or less alternate in governance while habitually kowtowing to the interests of the very wealthy but especially big business’s crippling threats (whether implied or explicit) of a loss of jobs, capital investment and/or economic stability.
Also, corporate representatives writing bills for governing representatives to vote for and have implemented, often enough word for word. This of course fails to mention, among other things, the corporate-welfare-cheque subsidies doled out annually to already very profitable corporations and the forgiveness of huge loan debts owed to taxpayers. Also, almost all of our information is still produced and/or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned media.
This corpocratic political reality may be why so many low-income citizens perceive futility in voting at all, let alone waiting in long lines to do so.
White Rock, B.C.
UNRWA’s unreal mission
“The world’s hypocrisy on UNRWA” (November 10) focused on how UNRWA has been using the UN as a cover for egregious subversive and even terrorist activities against Israel, inciting Arabs against Jews instead of promoting peaceful coexistence.
Any organization that perpetuates and weaponizes the refugee myth by enabling and encouraging it to grow exponentially while turning a blind eye to terrorists building sophisticated tunnels to infiltrate Israel to carry out murderous acts, coupled with using schools and hospitals to stockpile rockets and allowing these areas to be used as launching pads, is drastically flawed.
With the possibility of the EU, Ireland, Jordan, Germany and no doubt a number of others taking up the slack to cover funds that have been withheld by the Trump administration, all will be guilty of ignoring the fact that for decades these so-called humanitarians have purposely allowed the situation to fester – with fatal results for all concerned.
Tel Aviv
Amazon and Haley
Despite the rockets, it was still a wonderful day, with the conflation of two items of good news in The Jerusalem Post (November 12).
• The first: “Amazon launches Hebrew-language website, free shipping to Israel.” Of course (minimal) conditions apply, but an initial review shows most of their items are now available for free shipping. In addition, a few weeks ago, a limited number of items were also made available directly from Israeli suppliers.
• The second: One of Israel’s good friends, former ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, is issuing her new book With All Due Respect. We wish Haley all the best with her latest book and with her future political career (US president, perhaps?) and encourage her to come here for a local book tour.
Dairy tales
For some time I have observed that the supermarkets have been continuously short of butter, then I noticed that the butter that was available was imported! For a country that has a active dairy industry, this is ridiculous!
The next thing that happened was the announcement that an Israeli-based company was buying Clover Dairies in South Africa, which produces tons of butter. This, I thought, was a clever move, however, the unions in South Africa decided to boycott the move and instituted massive demonstrations, threatening to close down everything (“BDS fails to derail multi-million dollar deal between Israel, South Africa,” November 11)
As an expat South African, I know that all this is occurring at the instigation of the Muslim community in that country, which has always been a powerful part of the ANC and is behind the BDS there and everything else against Jews or Israel that emanates from South Africa!
Tel Aviv
The charge of the Light Brigade
On October 31, 1917, The Australian Light Horse brigade created history as the last great cavalry charge in military history.
Unlike the failure at Gallipoli, the Australian Light Horse defeated the entrenched Turks at Beersheba to allow the further capture of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.
Two great Australian generals orchestrated the maneuver: Lieutenant General Harry Chauvel contrived and ordered the charge, and Brigadier General William Grant led it.
Yet it attracted no reporting in Australian News media. It is sad to reflect that Australian history celebrates the defeat at Gallipoli but forgets the victory at Beersheba.
We remember and honor those brave Australian Light horsemen buried at Beersheba.
East Kilara NSW