November 13: Haredi draft

We underestimate our youth at our peril. They are the future backbone of our society. Let us hope that for once, Netanyahu hears their voice and takes notice.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Haredi draft
Gilad Arditi, head of the National Union of Israeli Students, needs our thanks and congratulations for speaking out against the rollback of the law aimed at increasing IDF conscription among young ultra-Orthodox men (“Lapid accuses haredi parties of political extortion over conscription,” November 12). His accurate and forthright views give us hope that the next body of communal and national leaders will not avoid harsh decisions and stick to their agenda.
We underestimate our youth at our peril. They are the future backbone of our society. Let us hope that for once, Netanyahu hears their voice and takes notice.
Well done, Gilad.
Gopstein a hero
It has been obvious to me for some time that this country has been taken over by lunatics (“Knesset meeting on Lehava devolves into chaos,” November 11).
Since when it is a crime to save a Jewish girl from the clutches of the Arabs, especially when her family has asked Lehava for help? Since when is it a crime to not want Jews to marry non-Jews, especially in the one and only Jewish country? Since when is it a crime to want this country to remain Jewish, as it was intended to be? Lehava leader Bentzi Gopstein is the hero in this farce, because his work is strengthening our people and our land. Anyone in this upside-down country who believes that the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was right – and, in fact, has been proven so time and time again – is treated worse than the most vicious terrorist.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has no right to “weigh classifying Lehava as a terrorist organization,” as he stated he would do earlier this year. He would be better employed in fighting the Arabs who are murdering our people.
License to kill
The person who wrote the November 11 editorial “Kristallnacht” fell into the old leftist trap. The writer said that MK Haneen Zoabi’s speech in Amsterdam was “distorted.” Well, it was a lot worse than that.
By Zoabi’s odious comparison of today’s Israel with Hitler’s regime, she exceeded all bounds of decent discussion. Her speech was incitement to murder. She gave permission for the stabbing sprees and “traffic accidents” that have been disrupting our lives. And the trap? She is allowed to say what she pleases because of the sacred cow of the Left: free speech.
Freedom of speech seems to apply only to the Left. When we on the Right voice our complaints, we are accused of incitement, of endangering democracy and who knows what else.
Free speech doesn’t mean a license to kill. Zoabi’s place is certainly not in the Knesset of Israel.
Which world?
In your November 11 Business & Finance section, there was an article headlined “With ‘digital branch,’ Hapoalim pushes banking into 21st century.”
There was another headlined “E-commerce in Israel is struggling,” one of the reasons being “the failure of [the Israel Postal Company] to handle increased traffic.”
Then, in the letters section of the same issue, I found one letter about the incompetence of the Israel Postal Company and another about the rudeness of the manager at a Bank Hapoalim branch in Haifa.
You have here a perfect example of Israel teetering back and forth between First World and Third World.
We await the day when the petty officials who are too busy to do their jobs will have all the time they need to spend on their cell phones – at home – and won’t be wasting our time.
FRED CASDEN, Ma’aleh Adumim