A letter from Abraham

After 5,000 years of silence I speak. I am father to Jew and Arab alike. Listen now to my words.

I have watched sadly as the Semitic peoples have fought amongst each other. I had hoped that over time, cooler heads would prevail, but I was wrong. The enmity grows deeper. Therefore, after 5,000 years of silence I speak. My name is Abraham, father to Jew and Arab alike. Listen now to my words. In the Holy Land where today my family kills each other, they previously lived in each other's tents for centuries. In the Moorish caliphate the Jews were honored relatives of the Islamic rulers. Arts and sciences were explored together. It is always the stranger in our lands that has set us against each other. The Persians, the Romans, the Crusader, Ottoman and European empires followed the same method. To divide us was to conquer us; and yet, I said nothing. But now I say to those empires: Tend your own flocks, improve your own lands. There will be no more maps, accords, conferences and resolutions proffered by others. This matter will be settled with a simple act of faith. How, you ask? Regard this; two nights ago I awoke from a strange dream, but cast it aside as fancy. Last night I had the same dream and knew well enough not to put it aside again, and this is the dream: There was a large tent set upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and into this tent came six people from the Israelites and six from the Palestinians. Two were teachers, two were healers, two were farmers, two were scientists, two were artists, and two were students. And each was principled and pure of heart. The 12 men and women sat for three days healing the wounds. Eight hours each day they sat, with rests at midday and other intervals. They shared one meal each day. First, middle or last. At night each group slept in two other tents, and talked amongst themselves, and also each one searched their own heart. No one else came near but one who had experience in treaties. A great and humble man, Michael, the Russian, sat with them and wrote down all that was agreed. And after the three days the 12 showed what they had done. And all was settled and the world held them in esteem for their wisdom and a golden age for humanity was begun. Was this the dream of a foolish old man or the words of a prophet? It is for you to decide. With hope for the future and love for all, Abraham. The writer is a Los Angeles - based writer and director.