This week, so far

A 'coronation,' memorials for the war dead and prayers for a better future.

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This week is one that is unfortunately typical of the times we're living through. Sunday in Jerusalem, those of our brothers and sisters who were expelled from their homes and fields and have not yet received anything but grief for the past two years since the wanton, unforgivable destruction of Gush Katif, opened up a protest strike outside the government compound. The government, which knew how to organize the quick expulsion and destruction of 22 flourishing communities after 35 years - communities which had miraculously turned empty sand dunes into a Garden of Eden that had been the source of successful exports of crops - also knew how to lead an enormous PR campaign claiming that "a solution for each resident" would be found. In fact, no such solution has been found, and in fact there was never any intention of finding one. Sunday a new president of Israel was "crowned" - Shimon Peres of Oslo fame - who immediately claimed that he was president of most of the citizens of Israel, and that we must get rid of the territories. This politician - eager to bring money to the Arabs living in the PA areas and responsible for traveling the world in the interest of the Arabs in the Palestinian Authority; not the Jews of Israel and certainly not the Jews of Yesha - continues to promote the pipe dream of peace with the Palestinian Authority, ignoring the bloody price we have been paying since September 13, 1993 and the signing of these horrific Oslo Accords. MONDAY - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert brought Mahmoud Abbas to the eternal capital of the Jewish state to grant him presents of good will, while the terror continues rampant and Hamas has openly welcomed the arms handed to the PLO. Ehud Olmert must know that these weapons will be handed over, as in the past, to terrorists to use against Israelis. As for the "good-will" gesture of releasing 250 terrorists, statistics and history prove that released terrorists return to terror. On the afternoon of Monday, Rosh Hodesh Menahem Av, memorial services were held for Lt. Amihai Merhavia of Eli, in the Binyamin Region, who fell last summer in Lebanon, along with seven other soldiers from the Golani Brigade. Amihai had been severely beaten by the vigorous efforts of the IDF and police under orders of the Olmert government in Amona a year and a half ago while non-violently protesting the destruction of this Jewish community. TUESDAY memorial services were held for commander Roi Klein, of Eli, and Ohad Klausner, of Beit Horon, both in the Binyamin Region, who fell in Bint Jubail, along with Amihai Merhavia and five other Golani soldiers. WEDNESDAY a protest demonstration took place in Jerusalem by the patriots of Gush Katif protesting the destruction of their lives and communities and the deliberate neglect and willful mishandling by the government of the solutions for the rebuilding of our communities and land for agriculture. The week of Rosh Hodesh Menachem Av was a week of travesty on the part of the government of Israel; yet another week of corruption, bravado and the delusion that all is well and quiet as our sons continue to fight in the very places that were destroyed. Our sons continue to fight against an enemy that is being strengthened by the same politicians who are an integral part of the war we are fighting. These corrupt, power-hungry people continue to strengthen our enemies and sacrifice our citizens. This is a week of memorials for the brave, dedicated young men who ran out to battle facing danger with thoughts only of the mission they were on, and the love of Israel. I pray that we finally get leadership that will protect both our brave sons and our Land, and honor the memory of our loved ones who fell for the sanctification of God's name. I weep for our losses - both for the lack of integrity and honesty in the government, and for the loss of those we loved, who paid and continue to pay the price for the inept and unworthy politicians who unfortunately sit in the position of power. I can only continue to pray that we finally receive leadership worthy of the Land we are so privileged to live in. The writer, a veteran spokesperson for the settlement movement, has lived for the past 27 years with her husband Ami and their family in Bet Horon in the Binyamin Region.