September 23: Islamic State

It is a pity it never used this double- dealing to save the lives of the American and British hostages – it might have spoiled a good relationship.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Islamic State
Sir, – With regard to “Turkey secures release of hostages held by Islamic State” (September 21), Ankara, as a solid member of the coalition to fight ISIS, managed to free 46 of its own citizens.
It is a pity it never used this double- dealing to save the lives of the American and British hostages – it might have spoiled a good relationship.
Sir, – Since the Obama administration announced that it was conducting surveillance flights against Islamic State in Syria, a NATO summit has taken place and a gathering of world leaders is occurring this week at the United Nations, yet ISIS continues to inspire attacks as far away as Australia, and its leaders are afforded time to hide.
Any politician running or considering running for US president and commander in chief in 2016 should be asking: Why hasn’t a single strike been ordered against Islamic State’s hub in Syria? Slow-walking this pathetic strategy and using the excuse of coalition-building simply allows ISIS to reorganize. It also means someone has abdicated his responsibility to fully and proudly protect US interests.
Sir, – As a reaction to the beheading of two American citizens, President Barack Obama mentioned massive air attacks on Islamic State. Is this proportionate? Wouldn’t it be more proportionate to behead two innocent Muslims? How come ex-UN high commissioner for refugees Navi Pillay hasn’t suggested that Obama be put on trail for war crimes for not providing ISIS with anti-aircraft missiles, just as she did Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for not having provided Hamas with the Iron Dome system? And how is it that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hasn’t warned the Americans that any attack on military targets in or near schools is a war crime? Netanyahu should send a clear warning to British Prime Minister David Cameron that if he does not reach a cease fire with ISIS in the next week, Israel will impose an arms embargo on Britain.
Is it possible that these people are tainted with the anti-Semite bug or are they just plain hypocrites?
Petah Tikva
One people
Sir, – My grandchildren, with their three small children, went to visit their other grandparents in Bnei Brak last Friday. On the way, at a gas station near Beit Shemesh, their car broke down. It was nearing Shabbat.
There were two jeeps having the air in their tires filled. The drivers kindly offered to take my family to their destination. My granddaughter took her baby and her three-year-old old daughter in one jeep with all the luggage, and my grandson went with his little boy in the other jeep.
When my granddaughter arrived the driver refused to let her help and delivered everything himself into the apartment. Then the other jeep arrived to unload its passengers.
When the second driver arrived at his own home the police were waiting.
It seems someone saw this little blond, blue-eyed boy in the jeep with three large, dark-haired men and reported a kidnapping.
I want to thank the drivers for their wonderful help. (They are not religious, though my family is.) I also want to thank the people who reported the “kidnapping” for being alert, and the police, who were johnny-on-the-spot.
How fine and heartening before Rosh Hashana that we are all one people caring for one another!