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Chemi Peres and Al Gore (photo credit: Courtesy)
Chemi Peres and Al Gore
(photo credit: Courtesy)
1. Chemi Peres
Chemi Peres recently returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he held economic and political meetings to promote Israel as the nation of innovation and to lead broad cooperation between international technology companies and the innovation center currently being built at the Peres Center. During the conference, Peres met with former US vice president Al Gore, an old acquaintance of his father, former president Shimon Peres.
Gore was very excited to meet the junior Peres and reminisced about his meetings with his father.
2. Christie’s
An event to welcome Guillaume Cheruti, Christie’s world president, to Israel was hosted by Roni Gilat-Baharav, CEO of Christie’s Israel and board member of Christie’s Europe; Dr. Suzanne Landau, director and chief curator of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; and the Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Cheruti was visiting Israel for the first time before the sale of the Rockefeller Collection, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, which will take place in May in New York. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to charities. The guests listened to a lecture by Marc Porter, president of Christie’s Americas, about the Rockefeller family’s art and philanthropy.
3. Nature conservancy
A planting ceremony was held last week at the TowerJazz headquarters in Migdal Haemek. Russell Ellwanger, TowerJazz CEO, along with other planting project partners, gathered to plant orchards of ancient varieties of fruit trees that are on the brink of extinction.
TowerJazz is the lead supporter of a new project to establish and preserve heritage tree orchards under the guidance of students from the local Kfar Hayarok School and the Walworth Barbour American International School (WBAIS) through the Global Awareness, Investigation and Action (GAIA) project.
The student research groups identify effective management techniques through conservation and business models to increase genetic diversity among food crops.
Ellwanger commented, “We are pleased that TowerJazz is directly involved in groundbreaking research where young students are the lead stakeholders in solving critical questions through technology to increase diversity in the genetic variations of plant food species in Israel.”
The FACTORY 54 fashion chain launched a unique cultural club that offers a variety of lectures to customers and to the general public. The new club is a joint initiative of Yifat Irani (one of the owners) and Shani Fridan. Proceeds from lecture ticket sales will be donated to the advancement of educational institutions in Israel. The launch was held last week at Tel Aviv restaurant Claro, where Prof. Eilam Gross gave a lecture entitled “Einstein – the most famous Jew since Jesus.”
5. Hapoel Jerusalem
Last Wednesday, an event for sponsors of Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team was held at the Publica Hotel in Herzliya. Eyal Chomsky, one of the owners of the group, CEO Guy Harel, manager David Bassan and Hapoel Jerusalem coach Moody Maor, welcomed the guests, including business owners, fans and Hapoel supporters. The guests were treated to a film about the team, and a discussion afterwards with the CEO, owners and the coach, about the team and its goals for the future. Attending were former prime minister Ehud Olmert; entrepreneur Reuven Ella, an owner of the hotel; Aharon