Lublin region: Gorgeous towns, a pre-war yeshiva, castles and palaces

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition

 Lublin (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)

In the final episode of their special series from Poland, Mark and David take you to some of the lesser-visited parts of the country. This time it's the Lubelskie region to the south of Warsaw. We'll hear the boys' reflections after an emotional visit to Majdanek, a love story starring a non-Biblical Esther and learn more of the history and present of a beautiful corner of the world.

This time:

  • Of kings, young beautiful brides and not-too-happy mothers in law
  • Picture perfect riverside town Kazmiriez Dolny
  • The reconstructed synagogue
  • A Jewish cemetery in a forest
  • Palatial splendor
  • The many faces of Lublin Castle
  • The tragic but inspiring story of Lublin's yeshiva
  • Just like mama used to make - a restaurant with a difference
  • What would a pre-war Jewish home have looked like?
  • A private tour of Majdanek Lublin concentration camp
  • The wonders of stunning Zamość