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Poland to rebuild palace where German Enigma codes were first cracked

The Saski Palace, also known as the Saxon Palace, was one of Poland's most distinctive buildings prior to World War Two. It was destroyed by Nazi bombing in 1944.

Underground Nazi bunker discovered in Lublin, Poland

While working on an underground parking lot, construction workers found bullets used by Nazi and Soviet troops.

Israel's Lapid vs. Poland's Holocaust restitution law - analysis

Lapid’s decision to slam the Poles over this latest piece of legislation shows that he has no intention of changing his tune on these issues, maintaining his stance from three years ago.

The Polish parliament, the Sejm.

Polish Senate begins hearings on Holocaust restitution law

Foreign Minister Lapid said the legislation is an ‘illegal and immoral’ attempt to ‘obscure history.’

Polish figures condemn allocation of state funds to far-right groups

The government recently allocated 3 million zloty, some €660,000, to the “Patriotic Fund” which will distribute money to three highly problematic groups.


Polish rallygoer who led chants about hanging ‘Zionists’ sentenced to jail

His one-year sentence is an unusually stiff punishment for an offense such as this in Poland.


Holocaust memory is being challenged by Poland again

Poland has chosen to use lies to double down on pride and obstinancy rather than compromise and face inconvenient historic events.

Poles leave chunks of brick outside Israel’s Warsaw embassy in protest

Members of the All-Polish Youth group left large chunks of brick walls on Wednesday with a sign reading “this is your property,” the Polska Times news site reported.


Holocaust restitution: For Poland, none is too much

The Sejm’s new legislation will make it impossible for Jewish claimants or their descendants to recover or be compensated for what was taken from them in Poland.

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