Tel Aviv's vegan revolution - It's super tasty

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 44

Vegan Tel Aviv  (photo credit: MarkDavidPod)
Vegan Tel Aviv
(photo credit: MarkDavidPod)

Tel Aviv is arguably the vegan capital of the world with plant-based eateries for every taste and budget. From spicy street food to chef restaurants of the highest calibre, the city is a Mecca for foodies, many of whom specifically come to Israel for its vegan offerings while others enjoy a slap-up meal without even realizing they've gone vegan for the evening.

Join Mark and David as they chow down on a fun-filled vegan walking tour.

Mark and David were guests of Be Tel Aviv Tours.

Vegan in Tel Aviv (Credit: MarkDavidPod)Vegan in Tel Aviv (Credit: MarkDavidPod)

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